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  1. This had been done last year with figures for March/April. There's a post in the news section somewhere. I think it came from a Thai newspaper. Can't remember the figures but there was about 1000 or so excess deaths for each month. Shortly after the Government dept that posts the death figures stopped releasing them and has not. Somebody mentioned the website recently in a post somewhere on TV.
  2. Just cargo flights these days. BKK - LHR BA3598 for April. 18 Apr 2021 Bangkok (BKK) London (LHR) 77F — 1:15 AM — 8:40 AM Scheduled Play 17 Apr 2021 Bangkok (BKK) London (LHR) 77F — 1:15 AM — 8:40 AM Scheduled Play 16 Apr 2021 Bangk
  3. Passengers are still being carried on the Sunday TG910/TG911 flights on a Sunday. The last set of figures available. for Feb, are for 1600+ passengers carried on the 4 flights pairs. Figures not available for the individual flights. Interestingly they have changed to a larger B777-300ER since April 4. They have also been flying on a flying on a Thursday since February using a B777-200ER. Not bookable on the Thai website so must be cargo only. Many airlines are using passenger aircraft for cargo only flights. Interestingly there were 2 extra flights using B777-300ERs on Monday and Tuesday
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