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  1. Thai have cancelled their twice weekly Phuket-Bangkok-Stockholm seasonal winter flights.
  2. The big question is how is the Bum Gun going to work in zero gravity.
  3. I see Thai have now cancelled their winter seasonal flights from Phuket to Stockholm.
  4. Won't be long before THAI will be offering flights to the Moon, Mars and beyond.
  5. Where's the Black Pudding and thats toast not fried bread in other words a healthy breakfast. One day I'll give a Belfast Breakfast a try.
  6. The war on sugar is certainly helping on that aspect. There's a better understanding in the UK these days about living and eating healthier but it has taken quite a few years. Thailand now has a serious problem with type-2 diabetes but the over whelmed heatlh service justs doles out the metformin like smarties. No attempt to curb the use of sugar.
  7. Good to see some enterprising Thais selling their business experience to lessor developed markets.
  8. With aviation fuel paid for in dollars and the baht strong against the dollar you might expect there would be some leeway in reducing fares. They probably signed for long term fuel deals at ridiculous rates with some one getting a nice commission.
  9. Fully expect an order for some Concordes and naturally Boeing Maxs. If there is one thing you can definitely predict in Thailand its THAI's continuing spiral downwards.
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