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  1. The UK government is more interested in the validity of the stay based on the visa or BRP (aka leave to remain). Airlines normally allow an out of date passport of up to 6 months to be used on a journey back to the country of origin. Out of date passports of up to 6 months can also be used as proof of identity on UK internal flights, well Easyjet certainly did.
  2. This is from a private Facebook group for UK/Thai couples. This probably is only relevant to the Thai Embassy London. This was posted 1 hour ago. Somebody also replied that when they had been told that their non O rentry was now invalid and to get a Non O-A. Kun Wichaya is listed as a Minister-Counsellor on the UK diplomatic list and has a number of counsellors listed below her. NON O RETIREMENT VISA EXTENSIONS WITH A RE ENTRY PERMIT In response to a post by ***** yesterday about holders of Non O retirement extensions being allowed back into Thailand, I have been given
  3. Not sure if its been posted anywhere but he clocks in western Europe go back 1 hour tonight. Importantly remember that English Premier League games will be starting 1 hour later tomorrow.
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