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  1. Yes you if when you were away you stayed somewhere that reported you as staying there e.g a hotel or resort but if you stayed with friends who didn’t report then no need as immigration would not know you had been away from your normal residence in CM I work for a BOI company and on occasion have to stay in other parts of the country in the course of my work When I return to my normal place of residence after such a trip I have to report to Samut Prakan immigration that I am “Home” I do this by the online system as the Possessor of the property that I rent My landlord is not involved in this process nor is my gf but she did have to help with the original registration etc as we all know there are many problems with the website which is well documented in many threads on TV about the whole tm30 thing
  2. No we also say camper van, a caravan is a horrible contraption that you tow with your normal everyday car A camper van is self contained and obviously be a VW Sent from my iPhone using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
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