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  1. For me it's the frustration's generated in the annual extension process, just completed my 12th. The fundementals are the same but why do they continuely move the goal posts, paint the hoops different colours then throw them in different directions. It's almost too obvious they are trying to get us ALL to use a 20K Baht dodgy visa services as about 60% of the expats are doing now in our amphur. A friend with 800K+ in a term deposit has just gone through a week of hell.
  2. Why don't you open the other eye, might improve your tunnel vision. Options are being provided giving us freedom of choice, you get in the queue and get <deleted> and continue belly aching about "the Thai way", me, I'll pay for what I free is the best for me and mine.
  3. So you think he should use his talents supplying condom vending machines rather than clean energy transport and future technologies.
  4. Force of habit being self employed most of my working live. How many times have you been ripped off through your slack attitude?
  5. Given the stats they are using about 750K per year compares reasonably with the average 814K I have spent yearly over the past 20 years (I do keep an accurate ledger). That includes house build, cars etc. Not overseas travel.
  6. Here in NE Isaan we have had 28mm, in one fall (8th Feb), since 29th October. Thinking the dry season had "unofficially" began 3 months ago.
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