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  1. On 7/22/2019 at 2:39 PM, Date Masamune said:

    Whatever it’s called we can’t have pavements, footpaths and sidewalks blocked anymore by illegal vendors. Washing disused in buckets. No toilets. Dropping food everywhere to attract vermin. A think of the past. Bangkok is not the third world. The adventure of “street food” best left to other countries.

    You're right. We should turn Bangkok into the very societies most of us have sought to escape. 



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  2. These 35k contracts are crap. Working in government schools where you don't get paid for 3 months a year equals out to about 26,000 a month considering the holidays you have to save for. That's peanuts. Considering that the demand for "qualified teachers" is higher and higher every year, will they start to pay more? How long before a TEFL and BA isn't enough and it must be a teahcing degree? I'm glad enough to have moved on to a 50,000 a month teahcing job because if I had to stay and work in one of these government schools for any longer I would also have moved to China, which I've heard nothing but good things about, or maybe even back to Japan.

  3. The nightlife seems like it's been dead for a while now. I know the vans used to kind of obstruct traffic flow through Suk 11, but at least the area seemed festive and well, busy. I'm not much of a club person, or even a gogo bar person. Meeting random people over beers or buckets in the street was a favorite pasttime of mine. The streets seem so empty now, everything closes early and it's become kind of boring. Even tourists I met were kind of like, hey this place isn't what I expected at all, why is everything closed?

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  4. Yes, there is a clash but not as listed on the poll. There is a clash as scams, double pricing and exploitation of tourists to the point where it's commonplace is apalling. Foreigners can't help but look down on Thais in general when we can't go anywhere without a tuk tuk trying to rip us off or a taxi wanting 300 baht to go anywhere. It's in your farang face on a dail basis, and it leaves a lasting negative impression on Thaland as it makes them look like desperate or shady people, even though some of us that live know there are plenty of really good Thai people. Even my girlfriend and Thai friends admit Thailand has a problem with ripping off tourists and expats, but no one seems to have an answer on how to fix it because the Thai education doesn't promote critical thinking and Thai's don't really want and or know how to challenge the status quo.

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  5. Shouldn't adults be immune to this from vaccination or childhood infection?

    Children who have had it should be immune, however there are many like myself who didn't get it as a child (I was the only one out of 4 who didn't, and I don't know why). I didn't think there was a vaccine, but apprently there is. Guess I should get one.

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