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  1. Shouldn't adults be immune to this from vaccination or childhood infection?

    Children who have had it should be immune, however there are many like myself who didn't get it as a child (I was the only one out of 4 who didn't, and I don't know why). I didn't think there was a vaccine, but apprently there is. Guess I should get one.

  2. "Many say Pattaya is designed to attract the worst kind of foreign tourists."

    Pattaya doesn't necessarily attract the worst kind of tourist, it attracts people looking to have fun, drink and get laid and that's not different from most tourists anywhere, those ones are just willing to spend a few extra baht to ensure that that is exactly what happens.That's what people go there for, because it damn isn't the beach that people go there for.

    What Pattaya also happens to attract is scammers who like to prey on people who just want to have a good time. Since the police openly work with the scammers it becomes blatantly obvious that crime is ok and it does pay, such as the jet ski mafia who has been operating without incident for the last decade or so. Anyone with a few baht can convince the police that their scams are ok. It's been going on for so long it's become normal and that's what has allowed Pattaya to become the riddled mess it is.

    What you can't do is blame it on the tourists. Pattaya knows EXACTLY what kind of tourist it's attracting, but it can't get the police to protect what is essentially an investment. That quite frankly is a shame.

  3. Why not simply raise taxes on the fags? Tripling the price should encourage people to smoke less.

    1st) They're less than 30 baht a pack in Cambodia. How difficult do you think it would be for someone to cross the border with them illegally and sell them here in Thailand as another TV member posted.

    2nd) There's the liberty question. Why should the government interfere in any individual person's business? If someone wants to smoke why shouldn't they be allowed to smoke? Why should someone be taxed out of the right and/or ability to smoke? What if they taxed alcohol so high nobody could afford it? what then? salt? soda? refined sugar? red meat? To give a government the ability to tax something so high that nobody can afford it is dangerous and slippery slope.

    The answer to that is that when the smokers get cancer they expect free treatment. They should be free to smoke but should also pay their own medical costs. Cigarettes and other items mentioned above should be taxed to cover the true cost of the damage they do. At the moment they are subsidized by taxpayers who have to pick up the bill for medical costs for all the damage caused. Eat all the junk food you want but don't expect others to pay your medical costs.

    Also, nearly all smokers just throw their cigarette butts on the floor. They have zero respect for the environment around them.

    I don't count the healthcare thought as a legitimate argument because obesity is just as bad, if not worse, than cigarette smoking yet we don't target beer, soda, salt, refined sugar and anything else we deem "fattening"

    There's also argument one that I raised which was that outlawing, or raising taxes to the point where someone can't afford them, will only result in a black market which would be unregulated and pose an even more dangerous threat to society than cigarettes would in the first place.

  4. I'm more or less curious if he could make a clear black and white distinction between visa runner and tourist. It seems a lot of tourists are scared to even come now because of the rules. If he could just make it simple and clear (i.e 3 of the 30 day entires, or two consecutive DE tourits visas, or 180 days in country and 180 days out before you can return etc etc) it owuld be very beneficial to the tourists and tourism industry. 

  5. Assuming this post is real, the best exercise to do any weight lifting. Every pound of muscle built means that your body will need to burn extra calories in order to sustain the muscle. Don't just focus on your chest, as another poster mentioned, because this will only build muscle in the area and most likely make your man boobs look bigger.

    A lot of people think theycan get by with only cardio, and this is wrong because the first 30-45 minutes of cardio you are just burning off the body's sugar. If you build the muscle first not only will you increase your metabolism and burn extra calories, but the excess sugar will be burnt off and the cardio will actually burn off the fat instead of the sugar.

    And remember, when it comes to weight loss the first weight to go will be from the neck and work it's way down, so it may take a while to reach your man boobs, several weeks in fact.

    And also keep in mind that diet is more important than exercise. 1500-1600 calories a day with a good 1 hour workout should do the trick to lose weight. Good luck.

  6. It's not the producers responsibility to tell people what they want, it's the producers responsibility to give peple what they want. The ratings are doing well so why should they change? It would be nice to see more entertaining television, but with so many naive girls watching this crap it would be stupid for them to stop airing it.

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