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  1. I've met some middle to upper class girls with farang boyfriends and some open to dating farang, but they aren't exclusively looking for farang and they certainly won't be seen with a man 20 years older than them. They come from families with decent income and aren't looking for the free ride that a lot of girls with bad reputations seem to go after. They have a lot of options of both good looking and well to do Thai and farang so why would they limit themselves to either?

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  2. I went to the Thai Embassy in Cambodia for my Ed Visa. It took a week and the staff was absolutely rude and useless, which is why i won't use that consulate again. Phnom Pehn as a city is really nice though. If you do decide to go there be wary of the guy in uniform directly in front of the Embassy in the little empty hut, he does NOT work for the embassy and will tell you that it is closed, i went anyway and it was not in fact closed.

    I've heard that they only offer a single tourist visa as others in this forum have pointed out, but Vientienne offers a double, takes a single night and is hassle free. On the other hand I had a lot more fun in Cambodia as it's nightlife seemed slightly more robust than Vientienne, not to mention the many tourist attractions and the Russian market (extremely cheap clothing directly from the source) as well, so they both have their pros and cons.

  3. In 11 years, never seen, or heard anything remotely like gunfire, etc. Guess I'm lucky- according to Reuters I am living in a war zone...

    In just a single year in Bangkok i was fortunate enough to at one point and time be stuck in my apartment in Ramkamhaeng for several days listening to gunshots and explosions at random hours. I can still remember the smell of the burning bus. Certain areas are warzones, you should consider yourself lucky.

  4. I would have stayed out of it as it's Thai on Thai. My logic would tell me that his aggression would probably increase at the sight of a farang interfering in Thai matters (as you've previously stated that he was clearly a red shirt). I would have simply observed and interfered if and only if he would have attacked them (and i honestly would have).

  5. Everything is racist nowadays. The Dunkin Donuts ad had nothing to do with the original blackface as Thai's have no idea what it is in the first place. The Chinese ad is just a kind of humour.

    The question that needs to be asked is : Was it insulting anyone's race? The answer is no. They were just invoking humor in order to pitch a product. No where in the ad does it say Chinese people are bad.

  6. The pregnancy trick isn't exclusive to Thailand, but in fact is very common the world over. Some pregnant women even sell positive pregnancy tests in the US, especially near military bases (Fort Bragg, looking at you).

    All that aside, i've heard that there are dna tests that both of you can take and mail in to see if the DNA matches. If it does then cool, congrats. If not then you won't be played like a sucker, congrats.

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  7. You might be able to find some more people on a facebook page called "desperately seeking bangkok." I'd be interested to join depending the when and wheres. I used to play the American version when i was a child.

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