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  1. The CLEP exams used to be able to be taken at Webster University, but when i inquired to them they told me that the contract ran out in July and they're no longer offering the exam. Does anyone know if there's any other place in Thailand that offers it? If not what's the closest place that does? Singapore? Malaysia? Korea? HK?

  2. To understand the answer, you have to understand Japanese culture. In Japan, if you walk into a store you are always treated with a smile and at least person saying "irashimasen!" to you as you walk into a store. It is a polite culture, and customer service is the best you find in this entire world. If it is not applied to stores with mostly Japanese clientele, the absolutely WILL NOT shop there again. They will go somewhere and pay more if it means better customer service. If you ever spend any time lving in Japan you would instantly understand.

    BTW, Fuji isn't real Japanese food. I'm pretty sure of any of my Japanese friends were here they wouldn't eat there more than once.

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  3. I had a huge problem with bed bugs when i was there. I can't remember the name of the three places i stayed during my two days there, but the first was some cheap crappy place i ended up leaving within a few hours after seeing them on my bed. I decided to stay in a nicer place, so i went to an actual hotel (1500 baht) which also had bed bugs attacking me (and no night staff to complain to). And the third and final place was the number one rated place on hostelworld.com, which also had bed bugs (the good thing is you can always change bunks there because its a hostel). So be careful where you stay, Vientiane has developed a bad rep for the bugs.

  4. Sounds like the general sentiment is that Thai Universities aren't valued anywhere. Thanks for letting me know.

    University of, a different, life.

    Yes, perhaps i should start a career trolling on the internet for attention because most likely my parents didn't love me enough as a child.

    You are an American right? Can't you go somewhere and get the local tuition rate from the state you resided in before coming to Thailand? It sounds these rates you are quoting are very expensive (Buffalo/Maryland). I'd just get as highly qualified as I could youll get paid more in the long term. Also, you dont know what life will bring. You may one day have children and want to come back to the USA.

    Those are pretty good rates from what else i've seen offered in the states,and they're completely affordable as well without having to go into any kind of college debt. This is also my seventh year overseas an i refuse to go back. There is literally nothing there for me, and the job opportunities are much better in Asia as well.

  5. I'm left with a situation where i will be finishing my 4 year degree in English in November. After that i plan to pursue a graduate degree, but i haven't chosen the right university yet. I'm planning to stay overseas teaching in Thailand or possibly relocate to China, Korea, or Japan preferably as i can speak a fair amount of Japanese and previously lived there for almost six years.

    My current options are:

    Doing it online through the University of Maryland University College (where i'm currently enrolled for by B.A.) for a Master of Arts in teaching, which would also require me to spend the last 4 months doing teaching practice in an American school, which i am not keen on doing as i don't want to go back to the states, but would also fast track me to get an American teaching license at a cost of $14000 USD plus relocation expenses and teaching license fees and etc. which would run up to a least a few thousand dollars.

    Going to Buffalo State University overseas program for a Master of Science in Education here in Bangkok, which won't require me to go back to the states, but won't help me get an American teaching license as i won't have practice teaching at an American school, but should qualify me for an international school if i'm not mistaken.The cost is about 400,000 Thai Baht.

    Or going to Ramkhamhaeng University for a Master Degree in Educational Administration. The cost for a Masters Degree is only about 230,000 Thai Baht and i could have in completed in one year.

    Honestly, I'm not sure which route would be best. I'm thinking that the Master Degree in Educational Administration would be great because it would allow me more flexibility and also allow me to work administrative roles, but i'm also worried that a degree from a Thai university may not be appreciated as much as a western university. I'm not trying to disrespect Thai universities, but we all saw the students at Chulakorn doing the Heil Hitler salute at graduation and the University of Fine Arts that drew the mural with Hitler in the background, so it is a valid question.

    As someone who is planning on working my way into international schools what would be the best route? Is the stateside teaching license a huge boost on a resume?

    Any help from current teachers would be a great help to me.

  6. San Miguel is my personal favorite with Corona being too expensive and Sol beer not being available in Thailand. I like Mexican beer if you can't tell. If San Miguel isn't available i would prefer Leo over Beer Lao, Tiger, Singha and all that, especially Thai style with ice in the glass. Chang tastes good, but it gives me the worst headaches and hangovers ever. So i would so no, Beer Lao is not worth the extra money.

  7. I received my student visa there for a language school i'm attending about a month and a half ago and it wasn't a pleasant experience. There's a Cambodian scammer outside the Thai embassy who says he works for the embassy and will try to scam you for about $150 dollars, so don't fall for it. Inside the staff was very rude and highly unorganized. After i paid $80 USD for a single entry visa they give you an appointment slip to come back and get your passport. I came back a week later to get my passport and couldn't find my slip so the guy didn't say anything to me and just shooed me away with his hand when i tried to explain. I waited for the line to end to speak with him again but instead he just went inside another room and didn't come back out for an hour and a half. Finally he came back out and i showed him a photocopy of my passport and pointed at it through the window because i could see it the whole time. He gave it back without a word and gave me a rude look like i was bothering him and shooed me away with his hand again. Considering the double entry tourist visa in Laos is only i think 2000 baht for a double entry (roughly $60 USD) and it only takes a day to process as well. I would highly recommend that route if at all possible.

  8. I'm trying to find some hops (the same stuff beer is made out of) here in Bangkok so i can make some tea. Does anyone know of any store that might sell them? I'd order some through the mail, but last time i ordered something through the mail i was never notified until three months later and it was back in America already without anyone ever having notified me about it despite having gone to the post office twice.

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