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  1. It was in Europe. At first I only bring what they require on their website (flight ticket, bank statement about 200K THB) but staff told me that I was not approved and the Consol want more infos about me and I have to collect "everything what I can" (he told me like this). So, I collected all what I listed earlier and after it was fine.
  2. I was in same situation: I applied for METV and at first the Consol not signed and they asked more infos about my situation. So I presented then this documents: - tax declaration about my regularly income as freelancer - some copies about officially documentations where can see that I'm owner at some companies - copy about some bank statements - and I wroted a nice personal letter why I like to visit TH, and what is the reason that I spend so many time there. 2 days later I was called that I got the METV, and all staff read my personal letter and they love it (NOTE: text was mines but a native english speaker corrected it before to sent them 55555555) So the point is how the embassy staff told earlier: if you want to get METV than have to show that you have enough sources to stay long time in Thailand. (This can be employment letter, or any other documents as well - but should be officially documents and should show that you have enough/ a lot of money.)
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