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  1. That's a pretty vague spec. Walls? Doors? Foundations? Slab? Exterior finish? Interior finish?
  2. You still pay tax/charges on the sale regardless of whether you made a profit or not. Also the Land Office uses the higher of their own valuation or the declared price. I dont really understand how wanting to leave the country and not wanting to pay tax could be real reasons for reducing the price of a condo. To me the only real reason would be to get a sale. In parts of Thailand it is quite common for condos to be sold for what they were purchased for, or less. The market here is not fluid or transparent at all.
  3. Jomtien/Pattaya isnt really known as a family destination, though Russian families seem to be happy enough with it. Perhaps you should consider getting an annual pass to one of the several nearby water parks. As for condo buildings, my preference would always be for a condo without facilities and play areas. Facilities just put costs up and play areas just encourage children. I dont really want either in my condo.
  4. Apartment buildings are designed to be rented out (fairly) short-term. Condos most definitely are not. Condos are designed to be residential. This is why they are sold individually. The Hotel Act does apply to apartments also in as much as nightly rentals are not allowed without registration and compliance with safety laws. The difference between a condo and an apartment is that each condo unit has a chanote whereas an apartment building normally only has only one chanote and one owner.
  5. I see. I was replying to your comment about condo buildings. Your local public health department may be able to do something about this, or your local head man in a village. Unfortunately loud noise from neighbours is widely known to be a potential hazard in Thai houses, which is one reason why I would never buy one.
  6. Your building has management and security. It is their job to stop nuisances like that. I have no problem with any business operating in the right place. But a condo building is NOT the right place for a hotel or apartment business. Hotels and apartments are the right places for those businesses, and that's why they exist. I would complain just as much if a car workshop or a restaurant opened up in my condo building: they dont belong there.
  7. I hate signing in with a Microsoft account so I always just use a local account instead. https://www.windowscentral.com/how-manage-user-accounts-settings-windows-10 The MS account may have some advantages when trying to reinstall a free upgrade of Windows 10 after a major problem, or for reinstalling other MS programmes like Office, but I've never had any trouble just using regular installation media.
  8. Ink for after-market tanks is very cheap. The air is probably there because the tubes have been disconnected and cleaned. Once the ink has been allowed to flow through properly the air should not be a problem. The OP tells us that it is now working perfectly and I suggest that he waits to see if the problem comes back before doing anything else.
  9. Look at Investec and most of the Indian UK banks. There are several other niche banks that will do it also.
  10. That is clearly BS. Changing the battery is a 10 minute job at most.
  11. Transferwise is simple enough to set up, and you can fund it with a UK debit card. For smaller amounts (ie under a few thousand Pounds) it generally works out cheaper than using SWIFT transfers from your bank, though there are some exceptions. Both would surely be much cheaper than paying in 15 UK cheques abroad though.
  12. Yes you can. Several banks will open accounts for non-residents, subject to normal KYC rules. There is no blanket government prohibition on non-residents opening UK accounts. It is entirely up to the bank.
  13. I've come across some maniacal condo owners in my time, but they are very rare. The bulk of resident co-owners in most buildings are normal people who just want to have a nice peaceful time, and to see their building improve. Many long-term tenants also fall into this category. Landlords and short-term tenants are frequently exactly the opposite. They are only in a building for what they can get out of it.
  14. Current accounts are rare here. Hardly anyone uses cheques and a savings account does all the things that most people need.
  15. I would be inclined to try pursuing that line. It will surely cost you a lot less to send one telegraphic transfer (or other payment such as Transferwise) than to process 15 cheques. I would be surprised if it was much less than 500-1000B per cheque, but it could be any amount and it would probably vary from bank to bank. You would have to ask the banks or look on their websites.
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