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  1. Lock her up and throw away the key, this Country doesn't need people like this..
  2. It's all about the money, money, money, wealthy returnees can upgrade if you have the money... Amazing Thailand..
  3. I think that is already happening, I have a plane finder app on my tablet, shows all flights flying live from Country to County and which airports departure and arrivals, the other night looking at I was amazed that there was two flights from China heading to BKK, when checked these were passenger flights and not cargo, they could have been repatriation flights, but I think they have all been taken care of by now,,
  4. Just another nail in the coffin of Thailand, and unfortunately a lot will follow, but the present Government plays a big part in its downfall...
  5. No, we are not all, but I think you are in the minority, and as previously said, if don't like move on, easy solution for you....
  6. The pubs and bars are not open in th UK, or US, unless you know something different...
  7. Totally disagree with your post, he obviously knew what he was doing, started off in expensive hotels, and as his funds started to run out, he stayed in a room, But, when the virus hit every tourist had the opportunity to repatriation to there home Country on his return ticket, or flights arranged by the UK Government... Just another quality tourist NOT.
  8. And to add, breaking down and causing a obstruction on the highway...
  9. I doubt that very much, its only been about 10 weeks since the borders shut, and the Country is feeling the strain already, and what about all the Thai people who rely on on tourist do you expect them to queue up for food hand outs for the next 1-2 years, and the long term affects that would have on other business
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