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  1. Why is there no mention of any walk in at hospitals any more, or don't the count in the figures,
  2. My thoughts exactly.... and if this Government was not wrapped up in its own self importance, the Thai population would be well on it's way to being vaccinated.
  3. Our Glorious Leader should be given the Chinese vaccine as he promised... and made to sign an agreement (disclaimer) same as Thais do when they receive the Chinese vaccine, Oh as well, 200,000 vaccines were due to arrive today, but only 117,000 arrived, where are the other 3,000 or is someone going to make a profit...
  4. What's No 2 & 3 got to do with a vaccination, Spoke to friends in the UK who have been vacciated, straightforward procedure, Received appointment from GP, vaccinated, go home takes about 1 minute, so what happens if your over weight or to small/tall will you be sent away...
  5. Agreed, and they said a few weeks back that they plan to vaccinate 5 million a month...
  6. The Government said that it would be possibility be end of 2022 by the time they have vacciated all the Thai population, can the economy wait that long... I doubt it..
  7. I believe its got nothing to do with Covid-19, the Government has wanted to track farang for a long time now....
  8. And no other employee went to any of there friends funeral in 8 yrs, unbelievable.....
  9. They have no intention of finding him, same as TS from Dubai, he was only across the border in Cambodia one time, but they didn't go and get him, the reason is they don't want them back.
  10. That's to easy... and if they fix it, we're are the future brown envelopes going to come from...
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