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  1. When the Corection Department gets this under control, (if they can) tell the Government how to do it, as they don't have a clue.
  2. My thoughts exactly Damrogsak, Hence all the flip flopping on purchasing vaccines, and all the promises of vaccine orders that never arrive in Thailand... A General Election is required in Thailand, and the sooner the better...
  3. This Government doesn't know how to replan, as they never had a plan in the 1st place to combat this virus, they will just watch more and more people die each day.... Totally pathetic..
  4. Ah, and this Government is still no further forward than it was 12 Months ago in combating this virus, and yet they still lie about how many vaccine they keep buying...
  5. Sound advice,, now tell the PM how important it is to be vaccinated...
  6. Haha, totally agree.. Thailand Ryan, at my reckoning they must have about 300 million vaccines stashed away somewhere,
  7. Talk-talk-talk, it's all propergander to keep the minions happy, how many times have we heard this over the last year, millions of orders from AZ, Moderna, Sinovac, phizer, J&J, spunic v, according to my reckoning Thailand should already have over 300 million doses, but yet, ony 1.6% of the population have been vacciated, the PM is full of BS.
  8. Trying not to be negative...... But if they have 80,000 doses, why don't they do 80,000 people, I understand that you need 2 jabs for full protection, but WHO guide line is the 2nd jab can be given upto 12 weeks, after the first jab, which will give them time to secure more vaccine more jabs = less infections
  9. Don't believe every thing you read from these clowns they will say anything to try and please the population, and flip flop on things they say, Anutin doesn't see anything as a Challenge, he doesn't give a toss about the citizens of Thailand, he still gets his salary every Month, plus all the brown envelopes he can muster....
  10. The only hope of increasing GDP above 2.3 is to get the virus under control, but unfortunately they are not making much progress as today
  11. Agree with your post Jeffr2, it's not long ago when some report was published that Myanmar had vaccinated over 6% of its population despite all the troubles, Thailand the Hub of low vaccination...
  12. Couldn't agree more, but will be like banging your head against a wall trying to make the PM understand that.
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