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  1. Thai shop and travel with what, money they don't have... and if the stores and Malls can offer a 90% discount they have been robbing the customers for years...
  2. Well, you can get burgled where every you live in the world, I got my house burgled in pattaya, the estate had 24hr security, I nipped out for an hour early in the evening but left my laptop on display, (my own fault) the burgers took about B400, 000 worth of items, TVs, jewellery, DVDs etc, but when it happens you have to up your game, I had an alarm, and cctv fitted, and never left laptops etc on display again.
  3. No wonder they call Thailand Lala land, because hoping for a 3% growth by end of 2021 is a fantasy, the Country was on a downward trend way before this virus hit...
  4. An angry denial of the truth speaks volumes... I think Sweden are correct in there assumptions the figures don't add up in Thailand
  5. Yep, Visa exempt, and another 2 days added to songkran that will get the tourist numbers above 40 million...... NOT, these people talk absolute B.S.
  6. Over optimistic as usual, they think everything will be back to normal next year..... need to rethink again.
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