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  1. No date of when the vaccines will arrive, but the Indoor Stadium is all set up ready for their arrival.
  2. All I ever hear when it comes to vaccinations is Thais & Expats. A forgotten group is all the migrant workers from neighbouring countries. Nobody is safe until we are all safe.
  3. Deputy Mayor (?) vaccinated today.
  4. Not sure about that. If there is a lack of posts, then its probably down to how many get removed for various inconsistent and spurious infractions.
  5. Bit harsh, Rabbi's seemed successful enough, until he became ill and had to return home.
  6. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/09/britons-catching-covid-vaccination-get-milder-form-disease/ King’s estimates the current risk of a Covid-19 infection for the unvaccinated is one in 46,855, falling to 1 in 97,616 after the first dose, and 1 in 167,341 after the second dose.
  7. Yes, as it was a nurse that administered my rabies jabs at Pattaya City Hospital.
  8. Today, Pattaya's 57 year old Mayor had his second dose of the Sinovac Vaccine.
  9. Surprised to see that they are going to use, the indoor stadium on Chaiyapruek to start vaccinating Pattaya residents in June.
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