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  1. Looks like the plan is to spread the Music Festival over the month of May in various locations. Pattaya Music Festival : Pattaya Beach - April 30 - May 1 Jomtien Beach - May 7 - 8 Lan Pho Park, Naklua - May 14 - 15 Central Pattaya Beach - May 21 - 22
  2. I was under the impression that was North Pattaya Bus Station ..... well, the top right part to Ekkamai.
  3. I think its the loss of all those swaying Palm Trees that disappoints me the most.
  4. Saw a recent photo of Chaweng Beach which jogged a memory, and after a hunt I found it. First photo was taken on my first visit to Koh Samui in Feb. 1991, the second photo was taken in Feb. 2021.
  5. Thailand will start vaccinating tomorrow, using the Chinese Vaccine. Astra Zeneca vaccine can not be used until the 2nd week in March, as there is no paperwork of where it has came from.
  6. Think they have ordered the Sinovac Vaccine for Farang.
  7. So far they have received 200,000 doses of the Sinovac and 117,000 of the Astra Zeneca. Was supposed to be a big show of Prayut receiving the vaccine tomorrow, but he has now had second thoughts.
  8. Start this week, with a mix of the Chinese and Astra Zeneca vaccines.
  9. Nothing simple about that, and hugely restrictive when Thailand will need as many Tourists as it can persuade to come.
  10. Yes, but that was the entrance to the supermarket side and what was a small food court to Modern City Department Store. It is next door to Mikes.
  11. That night?.... it was happening early evening most night up to the coronavirus outbreak.
  12. Has there ever been a time when the whole world needed a Yellow Fever vaccine?
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