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  1. Tomorrow, as she will have to close at Midnight Sat. Sun. until Midnight Mon. Tues. Buddha Days are Sunday, Monday.
  2. From their FB page back in March: The owner confirmed today that he has agreed to a significant reduction in the key money for the next 3 years which makes it more viable to stay in the current location. We also have a plan to further leverage the remaining key money which should lead to improving the bar. The options now are to advertise the bar for sale and hopefully find a buyer who can take over running the bar or take on additional partners.
  3. What was Mods & Rockers Bar on Soi 7 is now Black Angels Bar and opened on the 1st.
  4. Looks like there has been enough public objections to this project to get it delayed.
  5. Considering what the owner has posted, that is a surprise. His next door neighbours will be happy though.
  6. The longstanding Atlantic Bar on Second Road are getting ready to re-open.
  7. Uzbek Family Restaurant ‘Caravan’ Will Complete Your Pattaya Trip https://www.khaosodenglish.com/life/food/2020/06/25/uzbek-family-restaurant-caravan-will-complete-your-pattaya-trip/
  8. So you keep saying. In the meantime, its best to stick to facts.
  9. You will be really confused then, when you find out there is other variations of Borscht
  10. So you keep going on and on about. Best to just stick to facts IMO
  11. Hearing that Lan Pho Park in Naklua is going to be turned into a car park. The one quiet green space in town where you can sit and eat your seafood in peace, and they just have to go and destroy it.
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