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  1. Chinese and Indians have always some tension between each other. Staying approx 10 years in China and most of negative (leave Japan out) discussion was related to Indians and Africans. You can also see it from their faces, really not valued at all. So if there is going to be any issues between countries, these tourist places will see some kind of impact as well. Not been in Pattaya for years, but if its going to change to local Mumbai, its better to have borders and own airport to keep people in and others out. American Indians are still fine even if many times arrogant as well as some educated ones on mainland, but being in India many times and seeing things there, please no, not that stuff. There are plenty of nice things in India but ways of thinking, doing and valuing things by most of people, naah. This is not gonna fly my friends.
  2. And no work emails during holiday, that is working! You are out! Criminal and worst enemy of the country. Shame on you!
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