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  1. What does the law say. The law that trump is breaking.
  2. Ok. So let me get this straight. What you are saying is that Trump can ask to investigate Biden but only if he asks his own government agencies to do it. Why didn't trump simply do that? Didn't he know it was illegal what he did?
  3. I hate Trump. I really do. All the lying. The racism. Destruction of Obama care. Etc. That being said, I also hate injustice. I have some questions: 1. Is eye witness testimony enough to remove a president? Doesn't there need to be hard evidence? It would be too easy.... 2. Does the president have the right to investigate ANYONE? Isn't almost EVERYBODY his political rival at some point? 3. If Biden has nothing to hide, then the Ukraine won't find anything. And then Ukraine is not interfering in the election. If However Biden did something illegal in the Ukraine, then surely the public deserves to know about it. How is that Election interference? 4. Didnt Hillary get the infamous Trump dossier from a UK intelligence officer? Isnt that Also a foreign entity interfering in American election?
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