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  1. You assume that it Will be reserve currency forever. I have no idea where you got those numbers from and what they mean so I can't comment. If US is in such a great financial place, why aren't they always printing money? Even when times are good? Why don't they always have zero interest rates? Why did the fed try to normalize interest rates and fail? Why did everyone in the us have zero savings and tons of debt and needed immediate saving/bailout from a government that has no money but need to borrow it from the fed?
  2. Nobody knows for sure but here is the pessimistic perspective/point of view: Many countries (USA among others) never recovered from the 2008/2009 financial crisis. Interest rates went down to zero after that crisis and wasn't able to normalize. All they did was blow up a bigger stock market bubble (candidate Trump called it a bubble, president Trump called it a great economy). When they tried to normalize rates In 2018 they quickly had to change course and start lowering rates and do more qe. By the end of 2019 (before anyone had heard of corona) the overnight repo markets showed signs of trouble. Google it. And then corona hit. The fed wasn't able to normalize rates in 10 years from 2008/2009. And this crisis is way way way bigger so they will never ever be able to normalize rates. Which means that the US will either destroy it's currency or default on its debt. Anyway, I don't fully "believe" in the above. But it's a narrative that is hard to ignore or dismiss.
  3. Yeah it's all about you. Because we had to keep you safe 27 million people had to become unemployed. God forbid we let them work while you stay home.
  4. Define fared better? Unemployment and bad economy kills too... https://apnews.com/ea3be7fb82bf4bec90a00d75957f833b According to studies (not only this one) unemployment reduces life expectancy by years. The stress, anxiety, mental health issues, suicide, addiction etc that comes with it. Also, what is the actual plan for covid here? Are we gonna be locked down until we get herd immunity? (We are far from it) Are we gonna be locked down until the virus is eradicated? (Not happening) are we staying locked down until there is vaccine? (Probably a year away if ever.. making vaccines is not easy) I think in hindsight Sweden made the right decision in not destroying the economy and letting this slightly worse than the common flu virus do it's thing.
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