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  1. Misinformation, false information and deliberately ignoring science by WHO and governments keeps this pandemic alive and keeps the world in a lock down. Surface transmission has been debunked largely, aerosols (spread throug smallest droplets) that spread the virus throug airconditioners and ventilation systems have been largely ignored. And most of all, statistics are interpreted wrongly by government departments. A little eye opener on the PCR test for example: https://www.reuters.com/article/uk-factcheck-pcr-idUSKBN24420X So much information is available, however largely ignored because of the circles that government advisors are locked in. Science is sharing information and checking each others findings. That's why there is a devision in the scientific world: Those that are really independent and those that have to stay in line with authorities. Have a nice weekend.
  2. Thailand also has its "Karens"... plenty of em... and I don't mean the long necks
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