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  1. No high season for western tourists due to too many reasons. Possibly busy as usual from 24/12 - 06/01 but that's not a high SEASON, it's 10 days only. Will become a tough one, if not dealing with Chinese and Indians.
  2. Having lived in Italy for decades, I 1st witnessed the initially slow illegal immigration from Africans, mainly men, of course. Their only motive was an easier life, as they didn't come from war zones. They were kind of tolerated and even tried to integrate. But too many were following and the Government did not react, the Mafia too started taking profit and making it a business, until today. They were followed by Albanians, ex -Yugoslavians, Romanians and some gypsy tribes. Shit hit the fan already. For too many years Italy has been overrun lately by boat people from North Africa, as Italy is the 1st Western country to reach. WHY don't these "Rescue Boats" go to North African safe countries like Tunesia, Marocco, etc. to unload the people ? Well, I guess everybody knows the answer. People in Italy are sick and tired of always more and more immigrants, as the tax payers don't want to see their hard earned money going to support these immigrants, when at the same time a pension doesn't allow people to survive. Household even without this burden is in deep shit already for ages and also a Salvini will no live long enough to change this. But at least he listens to the people and tries to protect his country. I wish him best of luck, he needs it.
  3. 17 and never looked back. Determined to leave home country which I did some years later.
  4. Isn't it sad that parents have to pay for private schools coz of Goverment run schools being just too bad in everything. Good education must be available to everyone without payment. But stop, in this case the elite would be at risk.
  5. Came here 11 years ago, 1st salary 32 k net rent 6 k, got overcharged but still could save some noney and had a honda dream. No booze, no smoke and a gf who earned her own money. Salary for the same job did not increase remarkably in the meantime and poeple still can live on that one. Not always fun but still much better than in other places.
  6. Go to Patty and uou will see it, as I did. 3 guys with 1 bottle and 3 glasses
  7. Why not giving them a 100 $ voucher on arrival for their visit in Soi Honey ?
  8. Why the hell adopting all the rubbish from the western world ? People seem to be happy as it is and so am I. Easier to fleece people instead of improving school and welfare system. Here they should copy Japan and soms western countries.
  9. She needed the money to buy him in a race team. Good mum
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