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  1. Taxes on imported goods, where there is no local production to protect are outrageous here and have only one purpose: fill the Government's people pockets. Would be nice if the money would be used to support the unemployed, homeless and elderly.
  2. Newly appointed finance minister can send the bill for damage caused to the commies next door
  3. I am sure the Chinese Government is happy to help out and to buy in for peanuts.
  4. 1st of all: blame China, they caused the situation. 2nd: get your lazy family members to work. Why does the country need foreign labour, if locals are sitting home ?
  5. Such an easy thing. The damage at the car clearly can tell the speed at the moment of impact. Not in Thailand, though.
  6. Why don't let them just gamble ? Win win for all involved. Dead gamblers are colleteral damage.
  7. Don't forget high labor costs for little efficiency in comparison to other counyries in the area
  8. Amazing the the plastic chair is still standing with this elefant sitting on it
  9. Give Phuket and Thailand his tourism business back. And don't forget to charge Xi for the damage he caused.
  10. The 160k dead I would blame on China, as well unemployment and poverty. The protesters ( peaceful ?) have nothing to do with the Chinese Virus. And yes, I hope US will be the 1st to have the vax ready - and not giving it to the commies
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