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  1. Thanks for all the well-meaning replies. I feel aggrieved by the way I have been treated by the OZ system. I worked as a dental practitioner for an unblemished 52 years during which time I witnessed hundreds of passport applications without remuneration, or thanks from the govt. Apparently I was trustworthy enough for that job. I find myself in this situation due mainly to the Covid-19 panic and not being able to apply for the pension on a trip booked for last March. Government departments are making hand-outs of what must be many millions of dollars to people affected by the lockdow
  2. Ubon Joe - I need your advice. I have a Non-OA retirement visa permitted to stay until 18th December 2020. At my last report I was told to return on the 6th December. Because of the Covid I was unable to return to Oz in March where I was going to apply for the pension I made an application for a pension online in July but they rejected it last week because I was not in Oz at the time of the application. With no income I have used up a good part of my 800,000 baht in the bank. Borders are still locked in WA and I don't fancy doing two weeks in quarantine due to
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