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  1. Thanks ubonjoe. That is a great relief I can tell you. I heard that to avoid import duty, I need to import my personal effects within a small window coinciding with my entry. Is that true ?
  2. I have saved up 800,000 Baht and keep it in Bangkok Bank. I applied for a retirement visa from the Canberra Embassy. I received a visa dated 14 February 2019 -Non-Imm. O-A multiple entry. Due to unexpected events in Australia I will have to postpone my next visit to Thailand. Will my visa become void if I don't reach Thailand before a certain date ? I also have a small container of personal effects that are ready for shipment. If I use any of my 800,000 Baht 3 months before or after entry, I assume my visa will be cancelled? I need some money to cover urgent legal costs but I don't want to lose my visa as a result. Any suggestions ?
  3. Wow !! What a nightmare ! And I thought Oz immigration was tough ..
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