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  1. i have been in thailand for the past 10 months on back to back tourist visas and never got any questions. now i am in hong kong trying to get a new visa (i submitted my application today and pick it up tomorrow) and for the first time got asked what i was doing in thailand and how i supported myself. i told them i am staying in thailand on pleasure, without working as i have enough money overseas that i transfer to thailand every month but i plan on getting married within the next 4-5 months (the truth, by the way) and would then get the proper marriage visa. she didnt ask anything further and gave me the receipt for my application.

    i'm worried if i go pick up my passport tomorrow, is it possible i wont have a visa in it? what happens if i dont get a visa? can i still go to thailand on a 30 day stamp? i guess i would then need a flight ticket out of thailand (which i dont have right now). reason i'm asking is because i go pick up my visa (hopefully) tomorrow noon and my flight leaves 3 hours later. not a lot of room for playing with time.

    thanks for any help you can give! :o

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