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  1. My sister (age 55) is finally visiting me - I have lived in Pattaya almost 6 years. We will also go to other places in thailand, but as this is the Pattaya forum - this will be about Pattaya. I need ideas for: Spa/Wellness Restaurants Things to see / places to go Re 1. I do not know anything about Spa/Wellness - as i could not care less, but my sister likes it a lot, so i guess it will be for my wife to take my sister to a nice wellness place and I can have a day off *S*. But where to go for a nice day/half-day of Wellness? Re. 2. Restaurants: I have the following on my shortlist: Buffet at Siam @ Siam: after a couple of cocktails in the Sky bar, I consider this a nice place to have dinner with freeflow of wine - which i believe my sister will appreciate. Shabushi - my wifes absolute favorite - so unavoidable - and they do have sushi which i know my sister loves. "Muh Kata" - again one of my wifes +all my thaifriends favorite - the food is in my opinion nothing special, but my sister wants to see how we live, and my wife regularly tkae me to a "muh Kata" place for dinner. Dinner at "Kon La Fan" - I think this is a nice place to eat and listen to Thai music - both food and music is excellent. Thai street food: we will of course eat this several times. Hilton Skybar is also a must - yes I do like skybars *S* I would like to have dinner on a boat in the "bay of Pattaya", but i have been told these are only for big groups (chinese?), if you know of a boat that takes individual tourists please let me know - as i think it would be nice to sit (and eat) out in the bay while looking at the lights of Pattaya. We do not want to eat western food, as my sister can eat that at home. Breakfast will most days be at home, but I believe we will have breakfast at LK Empress - which is my favorite breakfast buffet in Pattaya/Jomtien. We might also go to The Rabbit Resort - their breakfast is also good quality and there is a nice view of the beach/sea. Anyone got some other ideas?: it should be good/interesting food, good ambience or nice view - preferably all 3 *S*. Re 3. What to see/ where to go? We will visit Koh Larn - my sister wish to spend a couple of days on the beach - this will be one of them - I have not been there for at least 10 years, so it is time for another visit. Sai Kaew beach will probably be the other beach we will visit - this is my favorite beach within close range of Pattaya. Thepprasit market - I believe this is a good evening market to visit - my sister loves shopping/markets. Golf in Pratamnak - my sister has started to play golf - i think she should try this 9-hole course which is okay for beginners. Nong Nooch is a possibility - I have been there several times (with visitors) so I am not that interested. However, this is for my sister, so if she is interested then we will go there. Silverlake + big buddha: I think this is a nice, easy and cheap thing to do - as my sister loves wine, I am sure she can be pursuaded to go there. Walking Street: I only go there when i have visitors. Noisy crowded place, but the most famous place in Pattaya - so I guess I have to take her there. Where else to go? /what else to see? We have a car so getting around is not an issue.
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