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  1. Does anyone know how it's possible to get a divorce done in thailand for a marriage from overseas? From what I've heard it's nearly Impossible. Have to back to the country where the marriage took place.
  2. What's the difference between getting it annulled? Is there usually a set period of time for this?
  3. Does anyone here have any recommendations for a good hospital in district 1 if its needed to go there for an emergency or other issues?
  4. Do you know of any good hospitals around District 1 in case its needed? Thanks
  5. Ok thanks. Everything else is fine so I'll just wait and see.
  6. Ok thanks for all the replies. The pain went away last night so it was only for a few hours that it lasted. Still worth going to the hospital to check it up? Does anyone know if Pattaya Memorial decent enough for them to check this?
  7. Is a Thai person legally allowed to get married in Thailand when they are legally still married overseas (from a South American country) in which they haven't divorced there yet? Apparently that South American embassy in Thailand has said that they can do it, because that marriage isn't in Thailand so isn't recognised here as it wasn't registered here. To me that seems a bit strange.
  8. Don't have any of the other symptoms except for the pain on the right side of abdomen when walking (when stepping on right foot).
  9. Since a few hours ago, started getting pain on the very right side of my abdomen, about the same height as the belly button. The pain only happens when I walk, when the right foot hits the ground. Pain varies from being mild to occasionally sharp. Could this be appendicitis or something else causing this? Anyone else had anything similar before?
  10. That ain't true bro. Depends on your standards if you wanna aim low but I have high standards and surely don't have a big wallet. They have to contribute financially to the relationship making it fair, and all my past ones have without having to ask.
  11. Some Thai girls don't want any foreigner living her long term. They say he has many choices here. They prefer tourists who come here for a few weeks every year and go back to live in their home country for a relationship with. Sounds absolutely stupid, I know!!
  12. Post a pic of yourself here then we all can give our thoughts on any physical things that might be turning these women off. As a youngish dude I never had any problems in the past.
  13. Yep, an Elite visa is what a smart cookie who's on a retirement visa suggested as being similar costs to a retirement visa. Old folks better switch to an Elite visa these days to be on the safe side since they are apparently similar in cost.
  14. IO love is spreading around from the young METV holders to the retirement visa holders now. Nobody seems safe these days.
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