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  1. Somehow that doesn't seem quite right at all. Are you talking about in the middle of the night at 3am when there are no cars on the road? Even at that time the base fare would be a higher than 170 baht going through the tollways, closer to 200 baht.
  2. YES you do. If you leave the country and come back into Thailand, even if you are staying at the same exact address you MUST do a TM30. If not, 1,600 baht fine when you go to do an extension.
  3. Just saw dark grey clouds in the mid-afternoon and thought it was going to rain as the weather forecast also said that. Waited for the rain but it never came
  4. Interesting - he flew in from overseas to Thailand just to commit suicide as it is a very common occurance in this country.
  5. "im trying to clean up my diet. are thier any places in Bangkok to get "health food"? looking for flax seeds and non dairy milks etc." - Have you tried going to either a supermarket called Foodland or Villa Market? They do sell those things. Not sure about other supermarkets selling flaxseeds but every other supermarket also sells non-dairy milk too.
  6. I wonder how much is the asking price to buy the country of India? Do I need to keep all the people living there or can I buy it with vacant possession?
  7. Are you really sure they're from India? Not Bangladesh?
  8. What is Thai culture for Valentines Day? Isn't it the same all around the world?
  9. Haven't seen any talks of Valentine's Day here so thought I'd open up a thread. Anyone here planning to do anything special to celebrate this day with their special woman? What are all your plans?
  10. bbi1

    Smog in Pattaya

    Do you live high up in the sky in a condo building? If not you don't see the smog. From street level everything always looks fine. When you are up high and can see all the smog and can't see the islands from Pattaya City centre then you know there's something not good about it. Then when you look at the air quality website it confirms it: http://aqicn.org/city/thailand/chonburi/general-education-office/
  11. They'll all be overpriced for Valentines day. Don't waste your money on flowers, that's my advice
  12. From what I read before here on TV their son is a cop and sometimes used to work in the pharmacy too.
  13. Flight from DMK (Don Meung) so I presume you mean the normal train that comes from Hua Lampong and stops at Don Meung station, right? That's the only "train" and it's a true train that goes there. Not sure of the timing as trains go all hours of the day and night but best would be to call the train hotline number and ask: http://www.railway.co.th/main/index_en.html. You just need to get to the train station from Asoke. Don't know why other posters are saying there's no trains at those hours. Some people have no idea and they post nonsense things like that.
  14. Have you thought about going to your Juristic office and asking them to print it out for you, probably will cost you 5 baht. Put it on a USB drive to bring it to them. Sign it then you can take a pic of it with your phone and email it back to your health insurance agent via email attached as a picture file (if you want to save money for them to scan it). Done!
  15. If you have a 2nd card then what's the big deal then? Just use the 2nd keycard to enter the condo and don't worry about the 1st lost card! Simple! No need to deal with the landlord or file a police report.
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