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  1. Agreed, they all need to just deal with it as you are doing and stop bitching about the situation. It is what it is.
  2. They CHOOSE to sacrifice time with their family each and every time for months on end. Now the virus is forcing them not to return and they bitch about it when they are in the exact same situation as per normal.
  3. Judging by a few comments here earlier, those few husbands are none the wiser and will probably never ever find out.
  4. Those workers choose those jobs and they are making a killing doing it. Life is all about decisions and that's the jobs they choose.
  5. Dr. Bum, we need to see pics of your bum to see if you are qualified to be called Dr. Bum. Do you have a nice big round juicy bum?
  6. Ever heard of happily married people "swinging"? There's a thing called that. Look it up. It's called being "swingers"
  7. Lol that's more than the entire population of Australia! I guess you could say Aussies are prisoners as they are stuck on a big island, but there are just under 25 million people on the island. Don't know where the other 3 million people came from by that poster lol
  8. Is there any restrictions in place saying Thai nationals aren't allowed to fly out to be with their spouses in the spouses country?
  9. Interesting, how did hey extradite him when there are no flights anywhere? A special charter flight for one prisoner and a team of armed guards?
  10. Bingo! You hit the nail on the head. The virus was already super serious during end of February when Richard decided it was "smart" to fly to the UAE for 4 weeks of work.
  11. +1, agreed. They should carry on working and stop the bitching and come back with lots of money.
  12. Um, why not just do the 14-day quarantine as you will be doing the quarantine at their house anyway?
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