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  1. Its called democracy. More people voted for him, than other candidates. simple concept.
  2. Already has it, strangely its called 'Scottish Law'. England and Wales have a different law.
  3. No, Scots do not want freedom, they want to be governed by Brussels.
  4. If its only a couple of years old, personally I'd go for a new vehicle. Second hand prices are too high IMHO in Thailand.
  5. Double up on your shop and cut down on your exposure, or order on line if you are that worried.
  6. Fair one, given its one of the busiest nights of the year, probably not a smart choice popping out to central given you are so worried about your health.
  7. Yes, can always rely on agoda. They were taking bookings for hotels that were closed in Phuket 4 months ago!!!
  8. Wonder if they will be as effective as the cameras that stop the red light runners.
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