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  1. Top man, great coach, brilliant with the kids. Hope he pulls through ASAP.
  2. Solar is great, its the battery technology to store it that needs (and is) slowly improving
  3. How does this work then? How long does it take to give a decent charge, how much does it cost, how do you pay for it. Genuinely interested
  4. I saw those guys on the discovery channel, Swamp people i think it was called
  5. All depends how bust they are, if you listen to TAT they are jammed, if you listen to posters TV they are empty (was going to say death throes, but felt inappropriate in this context )
  6. So why are you complaining? Nice dramatic post though.......
  7. Have you read the privacy conditions for Thai visa, do you know under what jurisdiction your data is held and what exactly it entails?
  8. More hysteria, people leave digital footprints all over the place via social media, down to what they had for lunch and where. Simple thing to do is not have a UK based google account in this case if it really worries you.
  9. Sounds like parts of Cornwall these days. Some of you got to unwrap that cotton wool you wear
  10. Whats all the fuss about? Hands hanging off, no heads- looks all broken to me.
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