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  1. What a horrid spot to spend your last seconds of life, RIP fella, at least your loyal dog was there.
  2. How do you enact or enforce social reform in regards to pollution when the nations citizens refuse to obey basic laws and the politicians lack the education and vision to drive real change. Keep spinning your wheels in the 3rd world Thailand.
  3. And his girlfriend discreetly plots her exit strategy after realising what an absolute <deleted> he is.
  4. They should have made him play russian roulette with his pistol until he lost, total and utter waste of both air and water. RIP to the poor girl and condolences to her parents and family.
  5. Motorcyclists speeding and not travelling at safe distance. Blame the foreigner, lie like <deleted> and never learn.
  6. The poll numbers consisted of half a dozen family members of Prayut.
  7. Unlike mentally ill Thais, who mustnt pose any risk to tourism. Just another example of Thai xenophobia.
  8. Instead of giving him a drink they should have handed him a shovel and told him to start digging a grave. A bullet in the head and an unmarked grave might send the right message to others.
  9. Anyone that has put up with the BS here for 21 years should be presented with a medal of patience and granted a permanent stay because they have well and truly proven that they have a high tolerance level.
  10. He should be executed along with all of those that protected him. Another disgraceful event in the anals of the Catholic Church.
  11. No wonder the air was harder to breath yesterday with that oxygen thief in the neighbourhood.
  12. Best to attempt to increase the IQ of the adults first, otherwise they continue to drag the children down to their level. A Moth would have a better chance than Moph
  13. Hope he gets a fair trial and RIP to the lady. Whomever killed her deserves the same treatment.
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