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  1. Thailand showing the world just how ready the country is to join the ranks of the world super powers, with a stella effort at lateral thinking.
  2. Well bugger the dog, now it can bark with a lisp. Ive been attacked by a pack of dogs, not a pleasant experience. To be attacked multiple times would be beyond a joke.
  3. Aussieroaming

    Video: Crazy driving at U-turn in Phitsanulok

    And the Honda moron lives to plague other unwary drivers for another day. Just one of many road cretins unfortunately.
  4. The senior police are still waiting to find somebody that has enough energy to throw the book, so he should be safe.
  5. Aussieroaming

    ICE Tried To Deport This U.S. Citizen And Marine Veteran

    Would be interesting to see them trying to deport someone back to Mars though, very expensive.
  6. RIP gents, may your family's fare well
  7. The bloke in the back is sleeping, which makes this cardboard cutout look like the real deal.
  8. Spoken like a true oxygen thief, no wonder she says dont worry about the smog
  9. Silly woman, hopefully learns a lesson....visas are better than deportation
  10. Rediculous, if it wasnt for the happy ending a Thai massage would have to be re-classified as brutality. I think the Indo and Phills massages are far better.