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  1. There's a blood lab with a full list of tests in Saphan Kwai too, on Pradipat Road, about 10 min walk from the BTS. I've used them a few times, just walked in and request the tests. I have not used them in 2020 though, so Covid protocols might mean an appointed time now.
  2. My wife is measuring against her portfolio SET performance and divident returns over the last 7 or 8 years. I think she has got shares in about 20 companies and she follows quite a few others for day trading. My wife's sister works for Maybank as an investment advisor, hence the family's general interest in share trading and she saw a reduction in overseas activity in the SET from her foreign clients well before the Pandemic because of perceived political uncertainty. So no, this isn't due to the pandemic although the current state of affairs further exacerbates the economic woes.
  3. Yes we discuss it. My wife opinion is that the current government has stifled Thai economic growth. She wants change and a new election.
  4. Why not ask returning expats who have been through ASQ for their opinion of their quarantine experience, as the ASQ experience does vary a bit from hotel chain to hotel chain, depending on their normal quality standards and their interpretarion of the Thai government requirements. My experience 1. ASQ room was 65 000 baht for 15 nights and that was a mid priced ASQ. It wasn't a total ropoff as it includes food and 33% of the price was for hospital services, including the covid tests. 2. Room was 54sq meter with washing machine, coffee maker, microwave etc. Room was
  5. UK RTE specifically state "result issued within 72 hours of travel". My test was a Friday afternoon for travel on a Monday evening ( greater than 72 hours) but with result issued less than 72 hours before travel. This scenario was the norm on that flight, not the exception, pretty well publicised on the facebook site that we were sharing information on. Some embassies however were strict on testing within 72 hour before departure, so this really isn't a uniformly measured prerequisite and is dependant on the country and embassy that you are utilizing, UK was somewhat lenient.
  6. Good for you. My situation was pretty similar to yours, except not Mongolia, same general region though and same fine winter weather. I finally made it back in mid September minus my contract role (my choice), 8 months after I last saw my wife. Enjoy your reunion.
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