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  1. Agreed, i cant believe some people would let an imbecile in an official outfit convince them to dance or do push ups. I think my response would be fine me, jail me or go for a long walk. Just bullies in uniform out of control.
  2. I think you could get caught out with foreign currency accounts. We have got 15M fixted term account, that has a bank book associated with it. However we also have a substantial foreign currency account which in reality seems to live in limbo until we transfer from that currency to our savings account. No idea why they do it but I assume its due to currency fluctuation..they can't assign it a fixed value.
  3. Yeah lots of BS about not providing any normal flight amenities and food but the airlines can cram you in with no social distancing and charge premium rates. Airlines pulling the p*ss. Make your mind up airlines....look after your clients.
  4. Good advise, except first 2 weeks is in Quarantine. So assuming that a person gets in on a 30 visa, has to quarantine for 2 weeks and then strt the extension process. I'm in the same dillema, as my long stay expires in June. To make issues more interesting not all foreign Thai Embassies are operating during Convid, so getting embassy approval to travel or visa is a more complex challenge and will depend on the staffing of the Thai embassy closest to each traveller.
  5. Maybe its time to bring back food coupons for a while, so that Thai people can at least get the basic necessities on a coupon system. Stabilize food and shelter and give people time to recover economically. Or have something like the food banks, where resources can be metered out in a more rationed but fair basis.
  6. they were in mortal danger if they were "rushed" to hospital if the lady that fell out of the ambulance in anything to go by
  7. Based on the "new normal" criteria to even enter the kingdom, how many well heeled tourists will comply with the pre-flight medical requirements, insurance, embassy visits (how do you visit a closed embassy) and then a 14 day in-country quarantine in order to start the HISO luxury holiday. No thought out that well. The Thai Embassy staff were recalled from certain countries, so if some of these embassies remain closed in low demand countries, then the tourist's holiday embarkation point may not actually have an embassy and the tourist would need to travel via another country that has an active Thai Embassy in order to meet the embassy visit criteria. Then 14 day quarantine, whilst being financially gouged by the "Business Class" hotel for accommodation and food, as well as the associated compulsory Private Hospital medical visit costs. Hence why the Thai Government is teaming up (scheming up) with Private Hospitals and Hotels to provide this luxury 14 day chill out holiday. So for me, in order to get home to BKK at this stage I would need to travel via the UK and go through quarantine, or a secondary compliant Asian Country (likely with quarantine restrictions as well) in order to satisfy the Thai embassy visit criteria. So in no way an easy relaxing holiday jaunt if that were the purpose.
  8. I don't disagree with you, I wouldn't leave rubbish strewn everywhere either. Unfortunately some people need more coaxing than that in order to dispose of rubbish appropriately.
  9. Agreed, no embassy staff here though. They repatriated or they don't respond to farangs for information. My plan will be to try and get to a friendly common asia country like Korea and apply there if possible. Then after i quarantine for 2 week in Bangkok my wife and I have agreed that I would quarantine for an additional 2 weeks in our condo. I dont believe 2 weeks is likely enough to reduce risk to zero, but thats only my medically uneducated decision.
  10. I agree, he isn't a troll. Some people are by nature more cowardly than others, so you need to forgive him for be ultra sensitive to the issue. We all have differing ability to handle crisis and Mega's is to exclude anyone who he thinks poses a risk to him. When his wife wakes up she can wash his comfort blanket for him to keep the germs off.
  11. I'm also under duel country closure at present, so waiting for both to open up. Next step will be whether I can get back in on visa on arrival in order to re-start my long stay visa process. Eventually all country's need to be able to manage this problem and open up their countries with caution and controls in place.
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