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  1. Actually in his original title header he did ask for advice, note that the last 2 words were "advice needed" This is his (OP) reply to me when I asked him why he needed advice. The "advice needed" words were mistakenly added by those who posted it on the headline. Mai pen rai I look forward to your statement retraction.
  2. If she charges by the minute then you are doing ok, if she charges by the hour then you have got 51 minutes spare to contemplate how expensive she was.
  3. The brakes worked for once .... who would have thought that based on recent history
  4. Probably one of the more cryptic posts I have read
  5. Yep, standing by asleep ready to wake up at the merest sniff of a brown paper bag
  6. No wonder you cant get a loan if you answered all of the banks questions with "sorry thats classified"
  7. I know, thats why I said he was involved in an accident in a laden water truck, not with a laden truck (in versus with, kapeesh).
  8. Now that is a home gym that kicks a#se, great job
  9. Theatrics, in reality the minions would die for the country at his command. He would be hiding behind a bunch of flowers.
  10. Anyway, a tragic event. Personally I have no time for people that drink and drive and yes I have been that stupid person. Luckily I didnt hurt anyone else and I do regret those eaelier decisions now.
  11. And their answer, yes just let me sober up first
  12. <deleted> think its funny, I would have walked them further into the forest and left them there
  13. Haha damn right. Its rare to see a shop assistant these days that isnt so absorbed with their phone that they dont care if you are in the shop or not. If I was the owner I would sack everyone of the numpty's for being so f'ing lazy and inattentive. Go into Robinsons or Central and the only way to get service from most of them is to send them a txt message.
  14. Yeah he inspected the wheels, so does that mean he knows he ran someone over or alternately he might have thought he had a puncture. I understand your scepticism, it isnt typical to stop or render assistance and I think that those drivers are scum of the earth. I was posing the question on the slim chance he might actually have inadvertantly been involved in a collision in a laden water truck.
  15. I bought a brand new apartment in Bangkok with money already in my Thai bank (joint) account and had to retrospectively show proof of origin as the money had been deposited over a number of years. I felt this was beneficial, so that it might ease removal of that money O/S in the future if needed and if I sell.
  16. He should return to the UK and assist in clearing this up. Justice should be served for both the wife and husband. If he is guilty then better to cop the punishment in the UK. The woman and her family deserves the truth to emerge.
  17. When will it be over.....not soon enough. Poxy curse on the whole Sonkran event
  18. Honoured with a PhD which holds no kudos anywhere else in the world. They should have given him something useful like a tin of brasso, at least he could polish his knob.
  19. Add this to the long list of accidents and it should be classified as a national disgrace. Tourists would disappear in droves if they knew the truth about the real Thailand.
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