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  1. Yes it’s very good. We’ve been twice for sandwiches and have bought deli meats and cheeses and all good quality and well priced. Place is super clean and service excellent
  2. Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to attend the upcoming Motor Show at the end of March. I’m ready to buy a new Yaris and have been advised to wait until the show promotions and that the local dealers will offer the same deal. Any ideas how to find out what type of financing specials or price promotions the Toyota dealers and Toyota leasing will be offering. If anyone attending would be kind enough to post their show finance rate sheet that would be great. I shopped recently at the Toyota on Suk near Emquartier and they were offering 30k off price and 2.19% on a 4 year loan with 25% down...which I thought was a good deal, but was advised to wait for the show.
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