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  1. Yeah, so I moved home. And am now in my own country waiting for the second shoe to drop here. We live in interesting and uncertain times. Same same in lots of places, UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong etc. And LOS is not excepted.
  2. I have a married couple friends who visited Turkey not so many years ago which is considered to be reasonably relaxed and they wondered where all the women were. Everywhere they went, a very small proportion of women in view.
  3. Rule number one for Thainess. Never accept responsibility for anything.
  4. I wouldn't want to be a woman in any Islamic country. Saudi is only at last allowing some to drive cars unchaperoned. Big deal!!!
  5. Intend to for medical treatment. Even my Thai wife agrees after her problems including a simple asthma attack diagnosed as auto immune disease at a prestigious private hospital.
  6. The woman Doctor Who messed up my wife's operation was trained and qualified in America I spoke perfect English. The plan is good but it's a bit hard to control in a hospital-based medical system. Many parts of Thailand do not have General Practice clinics where you can pick and choose. All hypothetical to me now because I'm home.
  7. And just as inconvenient for the Thai poor who are always the losers and frequently have no options. Damned if they do and damned if they don't. Very difficult.
  8. I used to believe in quality Thai medical treatment too but after living in LOS for nearly 6 years and originally planning to end my days here eventually, I wised up. Been "back home" now for 3 months and plan to stay here. Mis-diagnosis (several times) on myself and my Thai wife in Thailand. Attempts or success in over treating for obviously financial reasons on several occasions. Surgery that had to be repeated because the surgeon never bothered to finish the job when she discovered it was more than she intended to do. That procedure repeated 12 months later in N.Z. and 13 years later no problems. A botched simple Gyno procedure at "Bangkok's most famous" hospital. That procedure, also repeated in N.Z. because it was not done correctly. There are successes and good stories but like airline service, times change. We have had some good experiences with medical care in LOS but far in the minority. Sorry to say this but I too was under the misapprehension of quality medical care but have well changed my mind.
  9. That looks totally unlike any food I have ever been served on Thai. Surely a paste up job by an amateur computer illustrator.
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