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  1. Don't remember a specific first kiss, but remember playing postman's knock at a couple of parties early on, where lots of kissing took place. My first bonk was Maureen, when I was fourteen, in the doorway of the Methodist manse, one night. I remember the bonk well enough. It was a knee-trembler. It has been said many times that there is no such thing as a bad bonk! I guess I would agree with that sentiment.
  2. whereas years back was more acceptable as there were few other choices. What are the "other" choices now, which were not available a few years ago? A go-go bar, massage, soapy massage, etc are pretty unique propositions.
  3. You take your life in your hands if you do this. I did it once, never again. But the route is probably a lot quieter now than when I did it but doesn't mean it is safer.
  4. Happiest times of my life? Hard to pin down, because I've had so many. Probably the best was my youthful abandon, living in Zambia for 3 years aged 22-25. My own company apartment, a sports car, pretty girlfriends, a wonderful job and great, positive income stream. Let me not forget the fantastic weather all year round, and the scenic beauty of the Zambezi River, and the Victoria Falls, just 5 kilometres from where I stayed in Livingstone. To add to my joy, frequent visits to Chobe Game Reserve in Botswana, a short drive away, herds of elephant like you've never seen, or a drive across the Falls to the "Rhodesian" (now Zimbabwe) town of Victoria Falls, the Hotel and the casino. My life was idyllic, a Paradise, never to be forgotten.
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