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  1. With all of their renowned cradle to grave social security, the land of milk and honey which is Sweden has one of the highest suicide rates in Europe (but not the highest). Britain (and Italy's) rate, for example, is far lower. How does one interpret that?
  2. This thread is about the effects of Brexit on TVF members. What has the relocation of Ratcliffe and Dyson got to do with that? And they have different reasons, unconnected to Brexit, for their relocation.
  3. Brexit uncertainty has definitely had an effect on the weakening of GBP, but shouldn't be seen in isolation. The UK economy has largely held up against all expectations, despite the barrage of doom and gloom being fired from all sides. Who is to say which side is right, it is all conjecture currently? The fact is that the decision was made in 2016, and everyone must get used to that fact, and make the most of it. The UK's GDP growth in the last quarter was better than Germany's and the EU generally. The EU, and more particularly, the Euro Zone, are in something of a parlous state currently, and, going forward, one has reason to be cautiously pessimistic about outcomes.
  4. May I set you straight there, DD? The money markets, as you call it, DO NOT CARE one way or the other, about Brexit. Volatility can be their friend. They will be trading the UP's, and the DOWN's, and making money in both directions; it is not a zero sum game. For currency traders who like to trade a trend, then the fall in GPBUSD since the referendum vote will have made them a lot of money. One historic and egregious example is when George Soros took enormous short positions back in the pound crunch days, and, when the pound tumbled, his hedge fund made billions! For anyone who is optimistic about Brexit, once the UK is cleanly gone from the EU, there is every chance that the pound will start to strengthen, and there will be a long-term UP-trend; lots of money will be made there by traders who are "long" the market. They will be giving thanks for Brexit!
  5. Manufacturers' recommendations are there for a reason. It you under-inflate, you will get better traction, but greater wear and lower mpg. A few extra bar of pressure will give your tyres less grip, but you will achieve a better mpg. It is also well to remember, if you over-inflate, that the air inside the tyre will expand as the tyres get hotter, with running.
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