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  1. I am sure you are very aware of the fundamentals of Bitcoin. One of the foremost of these is that it is decentralised, and is owned and stored throughout the world. How can it be banned and who is going to ban it? And, because it is "faceless and anonymous", banning will have not effect. It will remain a store of value and a cheap and instantaneous method of transmitting funds around the globe. Millions of dollars can be moved for a cost of a few cents! Furthermore, I am encouraged that quoted companies are beginning to buy it, or support it. The move by PayPal into crypto is ea
  2. I have also invested a small % of my assets in BTC - which is getting more and more acceptance from Wall St The bigger BTC news is the announcement 2 days ago from PayPal that it is about to accept payments to sellers in Bitcoin, allow account withdrawals in BTC, and allow hodling in BTC. PayPal has 376 million members and 22 million sellers on its books. This announcement is HUGE. Bitcoin is increasingly going mainstream. Michael Saylor's purchases of Bitcoin, totalling $ 400mn, have opened the eyes of Wall Street and others. As head of a listed company
  3. Share prices have run far ahead of their fundamentals due to stimulus packages causing overheating. Even so, only a handful have prompted the indices to rise: think Amazon, Microsoft, Alphabet, Facebook, Tesla, and a couple of others. In general, the rest are not performing, which does not bode well. So, in my opinion, as to whether the markets continue to rise or not, will depend on whether there is another stimulus package, and its size. Pelosi is playing politics with this at the moment. Whatever the election outcome, or a vaccine development, the long-term trend i
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