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  1. Your points are valid, of course. But what is also important to note is that the ledger is public, open source or whatever one wants to call it. Fiat currencies are created by sleight of hand, although your premise that they are faith-based, promissory notes has to be borne in mind. As stated earlier, no large, modern-day economy, like the US, is about to renege on the wording on the dollar bill. But governments, like the US, have done strange things in the not-so-distant past, like making gold illegal in 1933, or taking part of it's promise away in 1971 (I think) when the dollar bill could no longer be exchanged for its value in gold or silver. Bitcoin is basically inviolate, because it is not centralised.
  2. It is interesting, well . . . boring actually . . . that those who know little or nothing about crypto are the first, and the loudest, to disparage it. Especially so on this forum. For thousands of years, other than barter, some kind of token has been used as a medium of exchange, be it shells, pebbles, metal coins, paper money and so on. Welcome to the digital age! Bitcoin was created in 2009, so it is only 11 years old. The surprise is more that it took so long to create, but in a mere blink of the eye compared with the hundreds, if not thousands of years, for some kind of fiat currency to come along. As a historical note, bitcoin was first used as a medium of exchange in May, 2010, when 2 pizzas were bought and paid for with 10 000 bitcoin (worth a few dollars at the time) Those same bitcoin at today's price would equal around USD $ 90 000 000! For those who do not see that, in this electronic age, digital currencies, like bitcoin and fiat ones as well, like a digital dollar, will be increasingly adopted and continue into the future, they simply lack the necessary vision.
  3. Once one has lived for a long enough time away from their native home, you become an alien when you return there, perhaps after a great number of years. Often, the country you fondly remember has changed beyond all recognition in the meantime. Life moves on and it is easy to forget that fact until you are confronted with the reality of it. Many of us tend to cling to the new lives me made for ourselves on foreign shores, betting on the belief that even a mediocre existence among familiar surroundings is better than the risk of returning to a country that was not ticking all of the boxes when you first decided to leave. Why take the chance that even less of those boxes will be ticked should one feel obliged to go back "home"? We cannot possibly know the fundamental reasons why people tend to linger when in adverse circumstances, but it is possible, maybe probable, that this is one of them.
  4. How about the white house, it was built with slave labour. Not exactly true! However, if BLM believes it to be so, shouldn't it then be proud of the accomplishment? It seems the movement can't be proud of any of the history of the United States, which is a sad indictment of the putative cause behind its raison d'etre. A large number of blacks, slaves and others, may have done the grunt work of rebuilding the White House, after the British Redcoats burned it down. Would it be non-PC, or a balanced viewpoint, to acknowledge that white ingenuity was behind the construction itself?
  5. Where is the line drawn? At what stage does someone with the gonads say "enough is enough", and face down the excesses? What we are witnessing is a modern-day version of the early-19th Century Luddites, although far more destructive. And if every disgruntled group with an axe to grind demands redress, and is bowed down to, civil society will ultimately be destroyed. Disney's Splash Mountain ride, or the movie, Gone with the Wind, have nothing to do with racism. They are both a reflection of how society's once were; they are not proclaiming that whites are superior to blacks, just how the order of things used to be. Mr Iger's mealie-mouthed justifications are just that, and nothing more. There is talk that BLM wants to blow up, or tear down, Mount Rushmore. Should that be acceded to? Or should all of the faces be painted black, to re-purpose, or re-imagine them? Perhaps it would be more equitable, or more representative, to paint just one of them black, but which one? Teddy Roosevelt, perhaps, because one of his monuments is going to be hidden from open view in a museum, now, in the interests of "racism" and widespread destruction by a far-left, Marxist group of agitators? Will there come a time when those subscribing to the tenets of BLM, if they can be defined, will say, ok, enough, we believe that the playing field has been leveled satisfactorily? Sounds a bit like Utopia, to me, and not sure it's attainable.
  6. Nobody cares ...... COVID is all that matters. Sort of funny that the environment has been forgotten ....... whatever happened to Greta? The loony left will wait for some other bandwagon to roll by, and climb on board that one, to take up its nihilist and anarchist cudgels against civil society. The left is always looking for a "cause", something to protest over or agitate about. It has become more of a profession now, for many of the directionless freeloaders and losers who are supported on welfare provided by the working taxpayer (the silent majority).
  7. And there was I, starting to relax, thinking the ill-wind of Covid-19 had finally buried all thoughts of global warming for good . . .
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