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  1. I reread the actual "whatever you call it" and still read it as being o-a. And is why I also quoted ubinjoe who is my go to guru . if I have to have insurance as an o type then I will withdraw my 800,000 baht from thailand and go get an o-a !. But in Thailand i have learnt that I am not always right of course
  2. Modern condo living sounds good .. In new units .. I would prefer older ones with thick walls ....But remember glass means extra heat to cool down and those thin walls and floors .. Height is fine to allow living on the smog clouds. Haha. But seriously being our moo baan there is a new one with light modern design houses and service repairs. Moo banns support for repairs has never been an issue. Ok so I agree with bugs.. But depends on land ... At least there is rpp. To swing a cat ...Try it out!
  3. At that sort of money you could get a really nice 3 bed house house in one of the many moo banns in sansai and meechok areas... . better option?
  4. This survey is flawed.The webfact source is not the actual police notice on the subject for long stayers and that should be used as the correct source only . Mandatory Long stayers insurance applies to o-a not type o visa who have to demonstrate they can self support with funds in or arriving into Thailand according to the latest order ( and ubonjoe ).There are important differences between types of long stayers. For o-a mandatory -yes there are good reason for implementation.. Maybe not just from those insurance companies signed up for it but others too. For o type visa it should be optional ... Due to funding requisites for that visa type etc....for short stay there should be proof of adequate insurance at time of entry .( rather than crowd funding). A survey such as this leads to the inevitable speculation on the government implementing for everyone rather than documented fact by the latest regulations.
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