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  1. A welcome move, this one. IMPACT Muang Thong Thani is a great venue for large-scale exhibitions and events, but very bad traffic (both ways) makes access by road downright horrible. Won't open in time for this year's Motor Expo though, I guess. Hopefully this will be the last motor show for which I have to leave BKK at pre-dawn for a traffic-free drive to (and parking at) the venue.
  2. To be fair, the Reuters piece did say "China will continue to suspend outbound group tours... " so these could be 'individual' tourists, if they are in fact tourists to begin with. Perhaps there really are people in this world who think going on tour without interacting with anything local, including its people and travelling only on predestined routes and destinations AFTER spending 14 days in quarantine in a foreign country, is an ideal vacation LOL
  3. And then this: "The Tourism and Sports Ministry has said some 60 boats carrying 650 foreigners... " About 10 or 11 pax per 'boat'. How small are these 'cruise ships' or are they actually refugee boats that the inept government has mistaken as luxurious ocean liners? Thai authorities should get the Lifetime Achievement Award for Dumbness.
  4. What's with Thai men and their pent-up anger, the latter turning into unbridled, excessive and murderous rage at the slightest hint of a provocation? Even if this story goes back to earlier and beyond the mere scratching of a prized pickup truck, it still does not warrant murder at the end-stage!
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