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  1. You're behind with the point I was trying to make. I was referring to the ‘Thai Privilege Card Visa’, presumed to be the 'Elite Card', and which places him in the 'quality tourist' category. And mocking the authorities' fixation on 'quality tourists' and the 'good guys in, bad guys out' campaign. Nothing to do with the actual visa or its expiry.
  2. There ya go... QUALITY tourists! Good guys in, bad guys out? Didn't think of the 'quality bad guys' now, did ya?
  3. No drought. Enough water. So there will be a flood. It's either one or the other.
  4. If you military-types don't bugger off soon, there may not be much left for you lot to protect. You can continue to protect sovereignty, and participate in disaster relief and drug control and whatever games you fancy, and leave the country's administration to people who know how to do that (if these people existed), like most other countries.
  5. 25.6% of 1,054 people, out of population of almost 70 million, is 'the majority'?
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