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  1. The staff is responsible for saving the airline, then? I do not disagree with asking the staff to pick up some slack here and there but, how about cutting down, or dare I say, eliminate - the corruption and nepotism that has festering at the top? Yes, you and your lot, and whoever has their fat stubby fingers, hands and arms in the trough. Smooth as silk? Creased like cheap overnight linen, more like.
  2. Sure. Motorists will take turns to drive over the speed limit, one by one, so you guys can monitor ALL of them! And the ONLY one, since no self-respecting country would think of something so dumb. Sure. the driver is going to leave the GPS on while he waits for his mates to rob a bank, and will even key in the destination after they are done with the robbery. As for reducing accidents - how? If you spot a motorist speeding, what are you going to do? Send him/her a Line message telling him/her to slow down? GPS isn't going to reduce road accidents. Or crime. Try education, and enforcement.
  3. Trying to justify the amount of money spent on the biometrics system, me guess. I am surprised they didn't have a line-up-cum-finger-pointing of ALL the 45,000 overstayers.
  4. Doctor of environmental science, no less. The collective area of the world's forests isn't enough to clean the pollution us humans are churning out. They expect this little contraption to help? Boat propellers to disperse giant floods, and now this. They really just don't get how things work, do they?
  5. More likely the Thai military is expecting war with pesky farangs who don't file their TM30s and overstayers. For a country that sees everything, including a slab of tofu, as a threat to national security, they do need to keep their guard up. Yup, war with the tofu factory, it is.
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