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  1. I know how to check it on the pc. I don't have it with me. Alright so no one knows. Have a nice day.
  2. Yeah it would be weird if the quarantine was doing people.
  3. They fear, why? There's always the option to: 1. Smile 2. Point a finger 3. Bribe the virus. Since they are pretty good at all three, I think the virus is going to respond well to at least one.
  4. But who cares about this. It has nothing to do with my question.
  5. I know of cases like that when the neighbor mistakenly thought, s/he could kill the dog. Needless to say, they quickly followed the dog. Good luck to this neighbor too
  6. Why the confused face Kakika? So u don't know either.
  7. The only thing they worry about is the image of Pattaya. It doesn't even enter their brain, that if they were more humane in general and wouldn't do things like this, the image of the entire country would improve before noon.
  8. If there's a computer, that can play 4k videos(not on 4k display), is it then safe to say that the graphics card supports a 4k monitor?
  9. It's a strange fact that what goes around comes around. Good luck to this involved in these things
  10. The softness is due to social conditioning and is more and more prevalent. Human beings are not even monogamous by nature. It's just enforced on them. It's an easy way to control them. Just look at the hate this post is going to receive
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