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  1. I have never met a person, who set up a shopify store, and actually set up a company beforehand.
  2. Lol. As they say in Hollywood, bad actors act. Good actors are. That translates to business as well. If you are not good, not professional, you will need to do your very best to at least look the part. If you are, then there is nothing to mumble about. Little newbie know nothing chimes in, and tries to suggest that it looks spam, scam etc. In actuality, it looks none of those. Then other would like to add their little two cents as well. Comparing Wix to Bernie. LMFAO. Never mind the wix footer on top. others build businesses that succeed regardless of little ads on top of the site. Never mind the fact either, that Wix happens to be a global giant, when it comes to website building. It needs so much work, it already generates more than your salary. But my bad:) Why would i try to discuss business with people here. And besides which, please dont be soo harsh:) Everytime you judge something or someone, it is your pain that is speaking. Otherwise you could just pass it without saying anything. Why are you so mean to someone, who makes more money than you do? Does it make you feel bad or what? I simply made a post. You dont like it, fine. Keep it moving, big boy. If you have nothing nice to say, then you know..dont say anything, or else, you will just make fun of yourself.
  3. I wanted to share my joy with the good folks on TV. I have been working on building up an IT and computer related business, which i wont advertise here for obvious reasons. It required quite a bit of marketing, online ads, optimization etc, to get it off the ground. As fate has it, i bumped into a few scammers etc in the process of creating it, but persevered anyhow. I even had to restart it from scratch once due to some difficulties, but continued. Eventually it succeded and after so much trouble, i thought i would share, so that it might benefit you, what seemed to work, a company i have found that actually delivered: https://r1m8tos.wixsite.com/digitaltechnologies Good day:)
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