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  1. He may have wanted a new covid face mask... as long as he doesn't put them on back-to-front. 555
  2. They're favourites to win the next (Australian) NRL World Cup (believe it or not)!
  3. We have a property in Ban Gloo-ay not far from Sukhothai... happy travels. Wish I was there. I've never used the BKK Air Lounge (only the TG lounge next door) however if you backtrack a little from there to the busy intersection of passages (toilet opposite on LHS) you'll see the food court down the narrow passageway on RHS. Farang fast food... the usual suspects... just bring your Baht with you!!!! Maybe I'll see you in the Big C one day. 55555
  4. .......and can the plane unload its passengers at the terminal, so that they don't have to do the Swampy sightseeing tour in the bus after disembarking! Sometimes it feels like you're going around in circles!
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