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  1. Why he's going without his dog? Somebody was raising money already, isn't it? It's around 1000 Euro. (Thai) However to wait for the rabies result for some days. Rotten character to leave his best friend alone.
  2. ????? Take it for cleaning inside? Well, that's our allmighty president proposed already. In addition swallow some UV lights.
  3. If you got that face by nature you won't want to wear a mask in addition.
  4. Very good decision. Shows that they learned from mistakes and stupidiness in other countries (Brazil, UK aso)
  5. It's their nature You mean this : body odour, scruffy, smelly, unwashed hair, obese, beer bellies, shouting ?
  6. Yeah, let them die those old dogs. They have only a few years left so why not now to go. Natural selection. Your comment is inhuman.
  7. Nonsense: You won't need any food if you died. Just improve social distancing similar to other EU countries (don't mention UK or Russia as example)
  8. ...and your stupid phone doesn't give you the option of translation
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