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  1. The best solution is to send the government into the ditch or a one way ticket to Nirwana. Any time is better without an Army
  2. Then of course it is.... Moggy you can trust definetely. Well educated respectfull and honorable. Just a gold nugget in parliament
  3. I never took a bus so far but a train. Not fast but safe. (even a hawk will fall asleep)
  4. Probably they can use them at home as well when having trouble with family or neighbours...?
  5. Oh dear, How many times we were told this already within the last 3 years???
  6. Years ago I saw police chasing a pick up in the mountains trying to stop him. Then they were shooting. 5 people dead at the scene. Car destroyed. On the pick up drugs and alcohol. In this case the father should have not try to escape. Maybe just bribe them instead of risking his and his son's life. Even jail would have been better than to see your son dead at your side.
  7. At present maybe (figures from former years). With or without out a deal turning down to 10 even? One for sure : no longer 5th.
  8. I doubt it. You have to send your marriage cert to UK embassy for registration! Anyway it was the procedure in my case
  9. It's so amazing to see the short memory of people. Obviously BJ's plan is very similarly to TM's plan. Irish sea is the real border. Bit new is that NI and Scotland are on the move. The parliament might not agree as they showed already with TM. The best would be to stay just for the time the parliament will need for a decision..... with BJ or without, with or without election. It might take time. Maybe that lost island is flooded in the meantime because of climate change and we write 2100
  10. So no change at all..... You would buy the license as you can buy every paper...... Driver's license e.g, diplomas aso
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