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  1. What is the problem? Knocked down only!!! Not shot down! So what? I guess it was a polite biker
  2. As long as there is no evidence and proof they are not guilty. So wait, guys....
  3. Perfect idea. Wow. Shut down schools, government and offices and wait just for the end of haze. Much easier than to tackle the problem and fight the reasons for it
  4. I don't know what you expect!!!!?? You live in a 3rd world country with 3rd World people with 3rd world brain.
  5. well, nothing happened....nobody injured, nobody hurt....God sake he didn't have a nap....or screwed someone....
  6. I said it several times: May got the same attitudes as many third world countries....clinging to power whatever it costs....And even the British people are acting similar to Thai: believing the Government and HOPING that something better will happen, but being quiet, not protesting in the streets.
  7. What a poor BRITISH guy, but this happens if Brexit will come. Have to leave their home country. Fleeing the country because of poverty. Many of those poor people are forced to sell things illegally to earn their living. It's a real shame.
  8. Hey, put on your red false nose again...... It's Carnival time
  9. What a shame. No license? Yesterday I saw a motorbike with two kids of my neighborhood. Age 9+10. Who cares about a license here? Nobody cares about anything.
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