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  1. Nonsense. If you don't test much you'll find no covid, for sure. Same like children's play. I stand in front of you and you'll close your eyes....you can't see me but I'm still there. Dream on, little boy!
  2. Without the help of US friends 75 years ago UK would have such a successful Chancellor Merkel. Instead of a useless Clown
  3. Many thanks to German Biontec to let the world take part in vaccinations instead use it only for their own country fellows.
  4. Since Boris UK is not a reliable partner anymore. Too many law breaking moves and turns, too many lies.
  5. Merry Christmas..... with then 2 million cases and 60.000 died people.
  6. Thai Culture???? I'm tempted to Thai bashing And will not comment what's going on in the streets of BKK mainly And not mention the road carnage And not easy finished lives And not the pollution in BKk or CM But I reckon I'll find something about Thai Culture the Govt would like me to see
  7. Perfect idea. Always good as a midget to invest in defence in order to become independent. Hail Boris!
  8. Well, the most horrible desaster was to vote for Boris. I reckon his desastrous management opened the eyes of most Brits now. The Scots realized it already.
  9. It's high time for him to start govern UK. Probably the covid side effects have a tremendous impact of his abilities. Hopefully not fathering
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