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  1. The problem is that there are no properly driver instructors.
  2. Oh dear you better use your time for peeling potatoes than to sqeeze your brain...
  3. Sure you can buy everything in Thailand..... Don't expect any good from Boris. Not even the promise to vanish in a ditch he can fulfill.
  4. Why take the drone? She could have a good ride with me!
  5. I am sure that aren't only dreams. Armageddon will come for UK and my country will be reunited finally and the time of occupation is over. We are Europeans and I hope!!! There will be a European Passport in future.
  6. What a brilliant idea. First chase East Europeans out of the country and then invite people from Afghanistan, Syria, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia or other interesting and interested countries...... Good job BJ
  7. Ouch, a foul player needs help? Already in thin air?
  8. To be alone on the road around 2am could be not so wise if you want to avoid trouble.
  9. Oh dear, that's the Thai way of truth. Nowadays very popular also in other countries (USA, UK)
  10. I really hope British people will more and more realise what kind of evil PM they have and get if they vote for conservatives. BJ was always a liar and trickser (and cheater) and will not change. Embarrasing that he got people who follow him. Are there no honest politicians in UK (as politicians could be honest) ? Where is UK heading to? A Banana kingdom? Is there any difference between Thailand and UK concerning truth and honesty?
  11. Oh, with the right massage you'll feel happily relaxed. So why not?
  12. One of those most exciting deals : whisky vs chlorine chicken?
  13. What drugs you are taking? Or got too much booze yesterday. ? Anyway don't bother other people with such nonsense
  14. Yes every year we leave for 4 months to live at the beach in Khao Lak.
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