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  1. Thanks for the information its given me a lot to think about. While I'm here, for information I checked my old TMB bank books (before Travelwise) and my monthly deposit (swift)) shows up as a local transfer no sign in the book of being an international transfer at all.
  2. roger101

    Bangkok Bank

    I am on a retirement visa. I open a Bangkok Bank account (Central Festival Pattaya) about 15 months ago. The only thing they wanted (apart from passport) was a Residence Certificate.
  3. I currently use Transferwise for my pensions. After reading various replies I realize that it looks like I'm going to have to go back to a Swift Transfer to guarantee the Foreign Transfer for Immigration. My bank (Nationwide) charges 20pounds per transaction and then there is TMB's charge on top. So I'm looking for the best bank to change to. First Direct have the best reputation of any bank in the UK. They don't charge for the transfer but will not tell me (until I open an account) which bank here is there receiving bank so that I can find out their charges. I don't want to open an account just to answer that question. So is there anybody out there who uses Bangkok Bank or TMB who knows how much they charge for a swift transfer. Also any suggestions on other banks or methods to bring money over monthly that meets Immigration's requirements.
  4. roger101

    Dried Peas Foodland

    There is a recipe on www.foodnetwork.com that uses dried green split peas and baking soda if you cant find marrowfat peas.
  5. roger101

    Any Pc game shop at Pattaya ?

    The 4th floor in Tuk.Com has 2 or 3 shops selling games. Whether they are genuine or not I cant say but they do seem to have a great selection.
  6. roger101

    Income Letter from Bank

    I have just had a reply from Transferwise. It states that a transfer to a Thai bank will show as a local transfer. I did mention Bangkok Bank and they said that was the same, a local transfer.
  7. I have just emailed Transferwise to ask them what the code would show from a transfer from the UK. It will be interesting to see their reply. Changing slightly one of the things overlooked is spending in the UK. Using the income letter (for many years) my net income is well over the 65000 baht/month needed. But after taking income tax and other commitments I'm left with (at the moment) 68,000 Baht a month. It doesnt take a genius to work out that any problem at home could bring my Thai Income to less than 65000 for a few months.