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  1. My bank recently made a payment to Google (2000 Baht). As far as I remember I have never paid Google anything. After getting no joy from the bank(they even took an hour on the phone to find out that the payment was to Google) So I thought I would go home and contact Google direct. Plenty of sites telling you what to do if your unhappy with their search service and how to improve it but no contact address. I finally found an email address of their press office and sent them an Email asking if they could help or at least an address for the right department. So far no reply.
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    I need to walk more, but as I got older my sense of balance as gone downhill. I find walking on Pattaya's pavements (when you can find them) is difficult and I don't really want to walk in the road. So what I'm looking for is a cheap gym with a treadmill. I dont particularly want anything else. I used to belong to Tony's (lifetime membership taken out 13 years ago) got there 7.30ish walk and then home for a shower and breakfast. But alas that is no more. So anyne have sugestions, any where in the Pattaya area will do but I would prefer to keep it on the west side of Sukhumvit.
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