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  1. At White Hart Lane about 1958 Spurs V Norwich in the cup. Stood right at the front near the center circle. Only remember one thing from the match and that is Norwich played in yellow. Dad worked Saturdays (overtime) so never saw another match. Moved out of Edmonton when I was 12. Only been to White Hart Lane once since then I was making a delivery just before I retired here in 2006.
  2. I have Sony 48' TV which went bang this morning. I think it's a blown fuse. I'm looking for somebody to come and look at it and repair or give me a quote. As I dont have a car going to a shop is not really an option. And a 48" TV is not easy to carry. I looked on the forum but the most likely shop (from 4 years ago) which picks up isn't there any more. I know I can replace it from somewhere between 10 and 15 thousand but if it is a simple repair I would much rather repair it than send it to a landfill.
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