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  1. We selected 2 funds from Bangkok Bank stable: Fidelity Global Technology and Wellington Global health, a few years back. If you check out the Fact sheets with Fidelity and Wellington (directly or via Morning Star) you will see that in 5 years one has doubled and one has trebled.
  2. Bangkok Bank offer mutual funds among which is the Fidelity Technology Fund and the wellington global healthcare-usa based. Both very good high performing funds in sectors I think should continue to do well. (this is not advice!!). We use both and buy automatically on a fixed day and fixed amount each month to achieve 'baht cost averaging' rather than try to beat the market timing- or 'forget' to make a payment. These are not retirement funds as such but we use them to build a pot for that purpose. The branch (left as you leave town) along the ro
  3. we have had root canal and lots of other work done at Elite at Pantip Plaza. Dr Joy and Dr Min are both very good.
  4. I am not an expert but I am told cat 8 will be an improvement and its inexpensive to try. I also bought a small type C3.1 usb3.0 ethernet adapter (lazada)-also cheap but only just arrived so not tried yet. But if you get poor results from wifi to top end phone I think your computer will be disappointing too. I would get your provider technicians back - worst case they should be able to achieve at least 400 mb down, to your phones I think, if you are paying for gigabit.If they cant then the problem must be router or backwards surely?
  5. also depends on the capability of your kit. my high end phone gets 500mdb down but my 3 year old hp laptop only gets 80mb. more if ethernet cat 8. needs better network card
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