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  1. Many will 'guarantee' to cover you and not abandon you, but they will all jack up the price as you age, to a level they hope you will find unacceptable. With no claims at all, Cigna increased mine by a factor of 3 when I reached a certain age. They said that I was now in a higher risk pool! Of course, as healthy lower risk clients refused to pay the extortionate increase, leaving their 'pool' full of unhealthy, likely claimants. Thereby proving the actuaries right. Catch 22. I offered to succumb to any medical tests they wished but not interested. I think there is a market globally for insuring older people (so many of us now -80k aged 100+ in Japan alone!!) -many would happily have a comprehensive medical (good idea anyway as you age),and pay for it themselves if that would get them cover.
  2. A morbid topic that, maybe in common with many, I have been putting off for some time now. But having watched the families of a few friends who passed away really struggling to sort out the affairs of the deceased, I figured I should grip this up. One, a Brit in Spain died unexpectedly-no access to his computer (password?), no one knew if he rented or owned his condo, no one knew his bank details etc etc. Another, fairly wealthy Brit living in Philippines. So far, his family have incurred legal costs of over 100k GBP fighting claims from his wife/gf's family. So my uk executor, a family member, is pleading with me not only to have a uk Will (all done), but also to prepare a 'dying tidily' list of user names/passwords, banks/pension company/insurer/embassy contacts etc etc. Boring stuff but should be done I guess. So, a part of that 'set' is a simple thai Will, with, in my case, a single beneficiary of my simple thai assets :property, bank accounts, vehicle. Just had a lawyer quote me 15k baht which I believe is excessive. So seeking alternatives. And conscious that as situations, families and assets change, so should Wills- and I spoke with one lawyer here who charges the same for amendments as for the initial Will. (nice work if you can get it). So I dont want to kick off with a high cost Will and be on a treadmill. There is a Legal Firm doing online packages @ 740Baht which is an option. But before going down that route I thought I would try reaching out to see if some are willing to share their recent experiences - good or bad- with Online, Local Lawyers or DIY Thai Wills. And while on this subject, I recommend having a Living Will, for which the documents are available on line, which, depending on the doctor, may avoid an unnecessarily long semi- or un conscious stay in hospital, full of tubes, when early departure would be your preferred option.
  3. Hi Celcius, When my small DeLonghi was playing up I contacted De L in bangkok via facebook. Very helpful english speaking guy put me in touch with their CM repair agent, out in Mae Hia. After calling him, he collected it, repaired it, and brought it back-under warranty. He was a very good guy and I think a one man band and not expensive. I have just searched unsuccessfully for his card. Maybe if you contact the maker of your machine theywill point you towards their man in CM. If not, you could be cheeky and ask De Longhi for their chiang mai repair guy. he is not exclusive to them. Best of luck
  4. Thanks and yes I have tried making Kefir and yoghurt and leaving them to 'work' but still problematic. The cheeses I bought made from Almond Milk are soft creamy cheese but in blocks. Leyden, made with cumin and caraway seeds is very good.(also contains coconut oil,tapioca starch and apple cider vinegar in case that helps with your cheesemaking!) The other is Muenster, same as Leydfen but no herbs. Good luck with your venture. I recall visiting a cheesemake in Holland and watching their presentation, I was shocked to see how much salt was used! just under 3% from memory. scary
  5. What- a new finance minister. That would be handy. Fall guys line up please.
  6. i fear you may be right but I cant tolerate dairy now. so one last try before I give up on yoghurt totally. Maybe I will trek over to Aden Stoere as he stocks coconut yoghurt and will probably share some tips on making it. At least Chiang Mai Bakery Nong Hoi stocks a good range of very tasty almond milk cheeses, even though a tad costly at 1000bht/kg. But in 150-170g packs.
  7. Discovered coconut milk kefir in jars at Chiang Mai Bakery, Nong Hoi today. Gonna use a few teaspoonsful in coconut milk to see if anything resembling Coconut yoghurt results. If not off to Aden Health foods to grab his coconut yoghurt
  8. Good to see you are back (almost) Gonzo. Take it slowly. You are in good hands at home for sure
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