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  1. Really??! Just think about what you wrote, just think for a nano second. You dont know me, but just assume, to humour me, that I may be at least half way sensible. So how likely is is that I would become friendly with an agent (or any other business person) who treated me badly or unfairly? And how likely do you think it is that I would keep returning to do more business with them? These are4 rhetorical questions to which I do not need an answer. I am very happy to leave readers to draw their own conclusions. Jeez, One answers a posters query honestly and get into a debate with a pedant who, for his own reasons, would prefer not to believe me. Not Thaivisa at its best.
  2. opposite riverside condo which is next to holiday inn
  3. back of gas station opposite riverside condo nong hoi does a good job. and nice lounge with recliners while you wait. small car wash 70bht, polish 70bht extra. Tops next door too
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