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  1. My pension is paid to Bangkok Bank London branch, who transfer it to my Chiang Mai branch for 20GBP (was 15). This is cheaper than UK bank would be. There was a problem initially as this was treated as an internal not an international transfer; but the bank sorted this out so now no problem.

    Your bank may not have a London branch, of course, in which my experience is not very helpful. 

  2. 17 hours ago, jaiyenyen said:

    My windscreen washers stopped working. The motor was still running but no water!

    I took the truck to the MG garage. They lifted the bonnet and found that something had eaten the rubber hose between the washer motor and the jets.


    They replaced the missing section of hose FOC. Thanks MG.

    3 weeks later, the same thing happened.

    I went online and found that it's a common problem. Modern rubbers and plastics are now made partly from soya bean.

    Rats like soya bean....yum yum.

    Has anyone else had a rat problem? Can you recommend a deterrent?

    Friends in Mae Hong Son had a serious rat problem in house and car; then they bought a couple of cats. The rats quickly took the hint and have vanished. They previously tried electronic devices which came with dramatic illustrations of rats, cockroaches et al fleeing the premises in droves. But in reality none of them took any notice. Anyway they now have no rats. But several cats.

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  3. 14 hours ago, zzaa09 said:

    I might consider the source.

    Nefarious, and culturally centric, outfits such as TI are to be challenged greatly. 

    TI, founded by a German ex-World Bank employee, does a good job in drawing attention to corruption which is a major problem in many, probably most, countries. A big part of the problem originates in developed countries - companies offering bribes to secure contracts. This is now a criminal offence in many of these countries although the new laws are not always properly enforced. And then there is policy corruption - corporations buying politicians to get the policies they want. USA a prime offender. And now UK conservatives giving contracts to their donors for work they're not competent or willing to actually do. A long way to go, but at least we've started.


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  4. I have often been tempted to start some new arcane topic - eg a complaint about the price of haggis in Glasgow - to see how long it would take for someone to turn it into an anti-Thai rant. So refreshing to get an opposite view, which reflects my own experience. Driving round Chiang Mai on my motorbike I have even been impressed by the kindness and consideration of most drivers - those with ancient pickups and new fast motorbikes not necessarily included.

  5. My main pension is paid direct to Bangkok Bank London, who transfer it next day to Chiang Mai. No problems. My miserably small state pension is paid into a bank account in London; I currently send any balance there to Thailand via BB London, in case pound sinks even further due stupid ineptly managed (???) brexit. I've had no problems with that arrangement.

  6. 18 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

    It will depend upon the immigration office where you apply. They should accept it but it would of been best to of kept it at 400k baht until you apply for your extension.

    I assume you will have proof of 12 months of 65k baht or more of transfers from abroad,

    If you have the misfortune to be a UK citizen you will need to allow for possible further depreciation of the GBP because of brexit - ie will your monthly GBPs amount to the requisite 63,000 baht?

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  7. 16 hours ago, BritTim said:

    I have sympathy with much of your post, but bringing cash in a major currency and converting at SuperRich will give a considerably better exchange rate than alternatives.

    For visa purposes as already explained it's no good bringing in cash; you have to transfer via a bank, and make sure the transfer appears in you Thai bank account as "international transfer". If you're in UK Bangkok London branch will do the transfer for 20GBP. Don't delay; useless UK government is not doing the pound any favours. Nor anybody else unless you're a rich tax dodger.

  8. 43 minutes ago, Kerryd said:

    A lot of people put their "visa money" into a Fixed Term deposit to keep it separate from their day-to-day savings account.

    That keeps them from accidentally spending any of it and makes it easier when it comes time to renew their Extensions. The easier you can make it for Immigration, the easier it will be for you.
    I just did my renewal a couple weeks ago. Updated my bank book and when I went to Immigration, the IO checking the photocopy of the bank book highlighted the current balance as well as the balance from last year (as I generally only update it once or twice a year at most). That made it easy for them to see that I had the proper amount in the account for the proper time.

    Having the money in a Fixed Term account earns a little more interest but if you need the money for any reason you can still get it quickly (but could lose some interest). As well, Fixed Term accounts don't come with an ATM card and you (personally) have to go to the bank to do a transaction on the account.

    That prevents anyone from "accidentally" (or purposely) taking the money, even if they somehow get a hold of your ATM card and PIN.

    Thank you for more good advice. The security aspect is important!

  9. 2 hours ago, NCC1701A said:

    both ways ok but i have fixed so it is easier for them to see that the balance never drops below 800,000. my regular saving balance is all over the place with a large number of transactions. 


    and the bank gives a letter for fixed accounts, not statements. also easier for them to understand. less numbers. 


    money goes in. nothing ever comes out. 

    Thanks - that's helpful.

  10. I have just transferred 800,000baht to my deposit account. It is shown as an international transfer. There are other receipts in the fixed account. If I withdraw money from the account Immigration might count the withdrawals as from the 800,000? So maybe I need a separate fixed account for the immigration money? Grateful for advice.

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  11. My main pension is paid into Bangkok Bank London branch who send it on to my account with a branch in Chiang Mai. Seems to work well.

    UK citizens should be worried about exchange rates. We have an irresponsible and incompetent government which has made a complete mess of dealing with covid and which is now threatening a no deal brexit. If they last that long they may be daft enough to carry out their threat. My guess is that the pound will sink against the baht, maybe quite considerably. For retirement visa I'm planning to switch from monthly income to 800,000 baht deposit.

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  12. 2 hours ago, RichardColeman said:

    I think this is a daft story. Until he has experienced the Thai health system and how it dealt with him during the pandemic when he was sick, then it's just propagnda nonsense

    Disagree. I am very happy not to be in UK at the moment, where the pandemic has been and is being grossly mismanaged by a bunch of incompetents. Glad to be in Mae Hong Son declared covid-free today.

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  13. On 9/18/2019 at 1:05 PM, OJAS said:

    @flossie35 Another point that might be worth making is that you actually get more bang for your bucks with the £20/0.25% post-transfer method, despite the higher overall charge. This is because the exchange rate used by Bangkok Bank's London branch for pre-transfer conversions under the £15 method is way inferior to the corresponding TT rate applied at the Bangkok end.

    A useful tip - thank you.

  14. Renewed my retirement visa at Chiang Mai this morning.

    My pension comes via Bangkok Bank London Branch, which means that receipts are recorded just as transfers, not as transfers from overseas. So my branch had to make ‘phone calls to verify the origin of the transfers, which they were then able to certify. However the immigration officer wa not satisfied with this, and wanted to see an old embassy pension confirmation letter as well. Fortunately I had kept a copy of the 2016 letter which I was able to produce – problem solved.

    Other Bangkok Bank customers might like to be aware of the problem, and to not destroy their old embassy letters. Failing that the SMS advising that “London Branch has…” might serve as ecidence.

    Apart from this all very easy. Arrived 0645; office open; no separate queues for different visas but we were seated in some sort of order of arrival; queue for queue tickets opened about 0730; was given number 3 much to my surprise as there were quite a lot of elderly persons ahead of me  - but there must have been more than one counter for retirements.  Process then very quick apart from minor hitch mentioned above.

    All very friendly contrary to what some others are reporting.

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