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  1. In great news this morning if your a Melbourne supporter is that the Cats are now front runners to land Isaac Smith, the 31 year old is welcomed to not bother with the 3 year deal we put on his table....take the Cats or Hawks 2 year deal plz....And if that Cale Hooker roumour turns up again well we would hope better heads prevail, the idea that were in the window is ludicrous..... Crows say they WILL match any deal on Couch surfer if compensation is not pick 2.....meanwhile Brisbane think the Bombers WILL not match there Big Joe's deal.....about time clubs began playing Russian rou
  2. I wouldnt go that far, heavy rain all day before the game cut the height out of the cats, wide wings too on a soft ground, a crunch injury to Ablett hurt as well, the Cats are carrying a bit of age in some key posts and mind you they want to top up with Higgings and Smith..... Glad its over seemed like it went on forever this year adding to the 2 lockdowns here just we just need is to get out of jail, we Vics are dieing for some warm weather, sunshine and being able to move about freely....mind you its 2 months to xmas then were back on holiday.....i could pass this year...hope i c
  3. Well a bright spark is De Goey's dad, little intrest in his kid tells a couple of rival clubs he will sign a new 2 year deal with the Pies.....then see what FA brings, advertising your intent just put Collingwood in the box seat.......Now do you think the Pie's would rush on in with a 2 year deal ? No they wont they WILL slap a cheap 3 to 4 year deal on the table....in the end if they the De Goey's are cabable of negotiating which seems unlikely at this point in time he WILL play for what hes on now for the next 2 years....being cheap wont help your pocket...get a manager kid.... F
  4. If you could be so lucky to get it over the line.....what have you been doing in lockdown young man?
  5. Look you would think Voss and Lyon are too smart to take on North like i said you would think....pretty sure Ross the boss Lyon woundnt, but them sweet talkers come talking sugar and spice and all things nice pull out the excell sheet and make it look plausable. Ross would be waiting for Simon to hang himself were about the only team with a half decent list with an iffy coach who could be on borrowed time with pressure ramping up around round 5 if were not at least 3-2, if were not in the 8 and smelling ok Simon should be taking a bullet....from anytime mid seaon on. No
  6. Its almost a done deal......Brown to Goodwins Padock for pic 23, done the medical yesterday with Bombers also sniffing around.... https://www.zerohanger.com/afl-trade-news-kangaroos-forward-completes-medical-with-victorian-club-afl-brown-67134/ come follow my bunch next year Fj, im expecting Ross the Boss to take over by round 10.... Well blow me down with a feather...GWS inquire about Tom Macdonald....Zac Langdon WILL request a trade to WCE... Isaac Smith still hasnt made up his mind which mean he is on the move...to a destination club....Demons....funny as that sounds
  7. Your a nervous investor there for not a good one....stick your money in the bank in that case..
  8. Its now official ......Shaw has resigned and taken his payout and moving to the Gold Coast.....there still using that sorrowful pic of he at the last press conference....one day a book WILL come out as it was all lolly water from Ryth and North's press statement.... Fj can now begin the search for a new coach, as we all know there a bunch of prostitues them assistants so they WILL clammer to get there hands on the keys to Ryths office......anyway there saying they want an experianced coach or an experianced meaning ex coach as an assistant....good luck with that.... Mea
  9. Just to upset the West Aussies in here.....Tigers again...... And mate if the purrs win the final with Cameron on his way they will vie for the Capital of Victoria, we cant have that sir....you have no idea how many closet Cat supporters live in Melborune....no couldnt go through it again.....
  10. Saints got lucky only Hill was a good one the rest turned out to be good moneyball picks and a lot of luck lets see if they turn up next year....Though ive always rated Ratten as a coach Its obvious isnt it that going up the ladder starts in the board room, ( which handicaps North ) going back in time all strong clubs were first in the board room...look at the Eagles a prime example, and now the Tigers there CEO is a very good one, Gale, i dont rate my club's one to much i think Bartlet doesnt sabre rattle enough and to be honest getting Pert in after he was sacked by the Pies....s
  11. Dont know B Sanderson, and Knights was a red fish Timmy threw in casue hes in the media to keep the pot boiling, on footy on 9 something like that a youtube footy shaw Ross "chooks friend" Lyon is a panel member and eyes were looking at him in one segment on returning to coaching....so someones been wording him up as he remaind coy about it, though i feel he wouldnt go back to a rebuild...so good chance hes Demon bound if Goodwin dont get off the line fast next season....well one would hope....dreaming, something like that.... As for Frawley well he showed something when he was lea
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