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  1. Hey we dont talk about the war anymore......and i wont mention Ben Cousins and his well known drug issues WILL i? Nor the other trio of drug users and the flag they won when high and the mobster night club owner from Perth...no i wont mention any of that ....
  2. Excuse me.......Not reported thats right....free given thats right....after 30 ys its getting cloudy up top....but....BUT...i use to go to all games i seen almost all of Grinters games....yes he would have been our hardest player for sure and only hard player but never dirty, well not really a dirty player, strong tackler made you feel him every time and pretty much like we see today well last season or a few, after that incident that the ducker Wallace and seen a lot of his games too as your well aware that i use to go to the G or Princess park every week Wallace was a shortie and habitably d
  3. Well boys unless you had your head stuck in the sand in the last 24 hrs or so big news out of Europe over the proposed breakaway Super League.... Its a grab for cash of course....and how cheeky are the big 12? they expected to be able to play weekend matches then go off midweek and compete in there new Super League.... Lot of everybody canning these clubs all the way to the Prime Minster of England.... UEFA and FIFA are demanding the withdrawal of the Super League or...or...or.....these clubs WILL be banned from all Euro fixtures WILL ban players competing i
  4. Reminds me of the Grubby Wallace and Grinter case....no free given .....trail by media....i rest my case...and i will NEVER forget the injustice of it all...
  5. Well how relaxed am i men?....getting to be a habit i haven't felt in <deleted> years..... Did get jumpy on my chair that first half......Blood pressure went to zero in that last quarter and was able to enjoy my dinner in fine spirts..... Had a Kangaroo jump out on front of me driving home the other day......( and no i didnt take it as a sign from heaven) mind you im in an outer burb, and even luckier that i had some distance between us, he bound off into the distance on the footpath about the height of Jet Jackson who is racking up Eagle Looks...5 first round picks in 2014..
  6. Some background ..,...Mike Ashley is owner of Newcastle united...and seen as a scrooge under investing in the club....tune it at the 5 min mark for how the contract came about.....21 min mark on how he tried to get out of his contract.....
  7. thats funny he managed a lot of primer league clubs....seen a really funny youtube vid the other day i will see if i can find it
  8. Thursdays follies..... Well its been reported the Demons are one of a couple of clubs after Bomber Merret..... its the Goodwin connection....from his time there, we landed most of those wanting out but none of late, and its unlikely theres any money for him anyway, just signed up Oliver for 2 more years this week and Petracca next year is out of contract so there going to need to find a wheel barrow full of money, Jones WILL have retired so that around 400,000 plus Chris 300,000 now so there going to need to off load someone to pick up the next 2 to 3 hundred thousand as Chris WILL
  9. hahaha...well the journos are there to get ratings so shoot there mouths off....so what is ed? hahaha a bit sensitive cause its his 20 year legacy at stake....hahaha
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