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  1. Still have that first round pick......niceeeeee....they can shut up shop and go home now....woooopie do we have some run now.... Just seen....Sam Frost to the Hawks....OMG get two quicker players to loose one.....https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/2019-10-11/frost-secures-trade-to-hawthorn A bit CHEAP CHEAP me thinks...
  2. The Age at least gives u a few free reads before blocking then you just clear your browser history and off you go again, I did pay once for the digital version in the end I dont read everything so ditch it, HS well its totally trash and they dont give you a free read at all...so id expect Bucks would have been a half decent wrap to improve...They would want to...the AFL dont want a weak Melbourne, me I have no sentiment at all....they should have went to the wall...GC Suns too. We went looking for scapegoats, bought in a few new assistants, ex Arsenal fitness guru and we know there not much chop last 10 ys,..,Ricco....well we know him to......hardly superstar of anything right....all worked well in 2018 but not 2019, excuses they have a few, BUT should have been able to turn it around in the second half they couldn't, its the coach and his close associates.... Kelly, you paid to much Cats could have lost him for nothing its a bad precedent WCE have set, you just upped the price on every decent player in the league. @ the time 2 first round picks for Leaver looked expensive, why didn't we get 2 for Hogan? A way more valuable player you would think, id expect Langdin WILL come cheap..I do think clubs collude. North...poor Fj, the word is out on the street, if they dont attracts anyone this off season then we know it wasn't Scott....means players and managers know something the public dont... I wouldn't get excited about the traffic heading to Saints outside of Hill there filler players. I think this Kelly trade WILL actually set your club back, none of the biggest trades outside of Franklin have had a high impact on there new clubs, Lynch didnt do that much as a full forward he didnt kick a bag full of goals and Tigers are great at sticking it down your throat, none at the Hawks have done much as well..... Rumor floating around Dee Brashaw going west....only had one good year...gets the umps eye for sure but every kick and handball last season was "roll your eyes" ordinary....dont get excited WILL, Freo bound if its true...
  3. Maybe your got the dam thing blowing directly on you, if its the bedroom move the bed, any other room move the furniture around if you can, then the remote does have swing control either side by side and up and down you know plus a temp you can set too...
  4. Keep telling yourself that WILL....WILL make yourself feel better as the Cats REAM the Eagles out of very decent draft pick this year and next.... Not putting the the vodoo on the guy but hey an ACL 5 min into the second quarter of his second game can kinda put your whole life in a new perspective you know. Ps wasnt a second round in return it was 34453729390303 pick....well a pick that isnt worth anything...to anyone.... It's been ten long years since the devil laid his footy at Kelly's feet And it burned inside his mind the way he suffered that defeat In the darkest pits of hell the devil hatched an evil plan To tempt the footy player for he's just a mortal man "The sin of pride, " the devil cried is what will do you in "I thought we had this settled, I'm the best there's ever been." Tim did you ever know that time keeps marching on The coldest hour is the one comes just before the dawn The devil's back in Perth will you stand up to the test Or will you let the devil be the best? "In truth I haven't played much since the baby came in June But give me half a minute an' I'll get this footy back in tune" The devil grabbed the golden football out of Tim Kelly hand and said "Though I'm the MVplayer underground and I walk upon the land" "Y'all just better be just turnin' back if you want this boy to win 'Cos practice is the only cure for the predicament he's in" "Now devil it would be a sin for you to get my bow You go on back to hell and to the wood shed I will go" Tim Kelly are you practising or will your hands grow cold? The devil walks the land and plays a game made of gold Can you hear the babe a crying, will he ever know The devil wants his daddy's very soul? "Before we play I want to thank you for letting God's own Word ring true He said you can't be trusted" "Yes but what you gonna do?" "Well you get your footy devil if you think that you can win 'Cos I beat you once you old dog and I can whip your butt again" John Brown's green, the devil is red WILL's little baby loves shortnin' bread The devil's dream is that he can win But Tim is the best that's ever been Source: LyricFind Devil went back to Georgia, Charlie Daniles Band...
  5. Happy to take that second round pick for Alex Neal Buller.....imagine another quick forward mid in an Eagles jumper... Sent from my iPad using Thailand Forum - Thaivisa mobile app
  6. Well WILL won’t be happy, and the coasters are happy to pay it, can I sell you Alex Neal Bullen for a first round pick of 2021?[emoji6] Woops hit the wrong button on the phone, couldn’t let this pass, sausage and egg Mac muffin and a sweet coffee at Maccass Kingsbury , grabbed that small paper and it’s all over the back, pick 14,24,33, and 2020 first pick....trading away your souls for one player, the devil will get you....the devil has got you....[emoji1317] And I thought we shot our selves in the foot over Leaver Cum on Rip it’s fodder time and Trump is good fodder Sent from my iPhone using Thaivisa Connect
  7. A show is what its about, smoke and mirrors, and a statment they need to make, but of course several clubs have had to cough up 2 first round picks so a prescendent has been set in the end he can go for zero and into the draft or this years and next years first round pick, he could do a Kickket who moved to the Bombers when he put in the most unrealistic price on his contract dont know if they still allow this, in the end Essendon had the cap space and they picked him up...top 4 club at that time... WCE WILL pay up dont you worry about that, and the Purrrrrrsssss WILL accept less and they and every one WILL be happy.....then the 2 kids 3 months after living back in WA the state of excitement WILL mircously be cured of autism and it will be all put down to the weather of course as we all know Geelong is just drop kick from the Artic.... https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/08/politics/donald-trump-impeachment-democrats/index.html Meanwhile the Trump saga rivals in my mind Underbellie and Mick Gatto, Looney Tunes in the oval office, i wonder do they actualy give Trump bad press in the USA? Over here it would be Zombie Heaven The Night of the Living Dead, The Walking Dead...Battle of the Buldge, The Boat....Rommel & The Africa Corps, and we all know what happend dont we? The guy's got more lives than all the Cats in Australia....put togther..
  8. Tomlinson....did you notice his stats? @ 26 hasn't got room to improve plus comes from a top 4 club of last 4 years..... Greedy? I prefer we go to the draft, rather not trade away picks for home sick buffalos. Noticed Billy Stretch is out of contract.....niceeee.....Crows need some early 20's somethings....imagine what he could bring to them....you can go home Billy (old man was a S Aussie and gun winger for us, but Billy? alas)
  9. Well thats a relief ... Mr Elliot decideds not to go to the Dee's, another hospital case, spends more in the medical rooms than on the field, stay at the Pies or go North, im happy...i mean the other two jokers we paid 3 first round picks played a total of 7 games bettween them in like 2 years... Freo its claimed dont want young Brayshaw....payback time....a chance to link up with big bro at the G? Now we just have to convince WCE's Brayshaw he wants to go home too.... Adem is staying put.....signed a new 2 year deal at the Hawks to keep on assassinating the mercenaries i mean assit in coaching these guys... Cats beating drums....2 first round picks for Kelly...Bell is laying in ambush as its expected they will have some decent low picks....Might be time for Yeo to head east a year early....Dee's would be happy to give up pick 3 for the superstar...then i could stomach the loss of Sam frost... Bombers say they expect 2 first round picks for super dudd Daniher well i say he hasnt done anything in like 2 years, yesterday's hero, Swans WILL get him for a bargain Coles still selling Twisty's for $1 a packet....ok 2 packets for the kid... Mick Gatto mentioned in 2 differant arcticles in todays Age.....the Mr fix it i can get it or you will be manure soon was hired by some chink to get some money an Indian business man failed to repay...selling vitimins and things to china is a great way to make some money and loose it too.... https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/bitter-legal-stoush-over-vitamins-and-milk-powder-headed-for-china-20190922-p52tqt.html i like Mick...he has charisma you know.....https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/gatto-s-business-partner-punted-on-soccer-game-with-inside-information-20191007-p52ycd.html, doing business in the nicer weather at the "Paris" end of Bourke St, obviously a Sydney raised journo...its Collins st sir, and not much cafes in Collins st Paris end...for you Westerners Paris end is where all the Hiso stores like Louie Vutton that we mortals can only view in from the windows and yes lots of rich folk live here, seen que's for a few of these places....me i never que, only at Coles and Safeway becasue i got use to eating.....Anyway looks like the partner likes to place bets, did get fined so must have been something in it...Mick and mate also hang mainly in Lygon st, little mafia Italy there...lots of places that serve pasta and red wine....The place where Benji and Mick met for Benji's last meal use to be my fav restaurant too, best lasagne just like mama use to make served with a great Italian side salad...yum yum....i pretty much use to get one of two tables every time and had scratched the number off dates id taken there, on a chair, was 6 or 7 by then, hey i been single 20 ys this year......well i was devistated, once it got out Mick use to frequent there that was it...poo scared all the clientel dried up, never seen Mick there as i went for dinner Mick normaly went for long lunches...The pair specialise in debt collection and industrial mediation, love there title....in the old days they be called stand over men.... https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/07/politics/trump-republicans-impeachment-reaction/index.html more twists and turns than the Batmobile, Soap opera to rival Coronation Street, Home and Away or any Thai soapie the TGF is glued to the tellie for, a second whistle blower has raised ther hands, only this morning was reading a former Trump employee saying he is even nuttier now than then, she recons he might resign, well i say fat chance of that, right now the leader of the senate a republican are raising money...dont know what for since he says they have the numbers in the senate meaning they intend to block impeachment, The Americans need a war, now where can they get one going? Why you ask? geeeessssss gets the public's attention away from Washington of course...Iran now there itching for a fight, good time to send in the fleet. https://edition.cnn.com/2019/10/05/entertainment/star-trek-picard-trailer-comic-con-trnd/index.html some escapism for us...get our minds of the economy, inpeachemnt, Iran and Yeo going to the Dee's.....Trekkies unite, 20 years after, i didnt mind that band 10 years after,
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