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  1. Well what a weekend....2 new Demon supporters and most likely players of the future came into the world on the weekend a boy and a girl and they came from Daisy, the channel 7 ground sleuth and Melbourne woman's captain....Pearce, gave birth to 2 kids if sporty like mum will don the dark blue and red..Sylvie and Roy were introduce to the world wearing Demon beanies in summer and in hospital....not looking very interested in proceedings i might add...but let it be known mum is the best womens footy player on the planet so they have big shoes to fit into... While on the subject of the Dee's a menacing figure lurks in the background......Diamond Joe Gutnick....and in the wars again or it is continuing, shady and slippery like an eel in dark water, hard to track down and get any sense out of....was El Presidente of ill Deavolos in the 90's, rescued the Dee's from rattling cans up Bourke st when that famous Dee winger and liberal pollie Brian Dixon recruited Joe to the fold.....in a land slide was inserted El Presedente of a broken down club...yes its happened a few times..... the AFL kindly rescheduled Dee games to a sunday mostly due to Joe being a practicing Jewish rabbi so off to the footy on a sunday most of the time i did go....ho ho...Dimond joe was at the tail end of Aussie 200 rich list not so long ago, declared himself bankrupt in 2016, still is regarded in high places like Israel, known as the fixer there in political terms helping to install current prime minister first time around before he too fell on his sword only to do a lazarus and return now also tainted again but yet for shit to stick....perhaps some of the missing millions when to Netanyahu for re election...who knows....anyway just one cent in the dollar was paid to get joe off and out of bankruptcy. Missing millions moved around .....well it gets complicated when your a tradie to understand it, pretty much bleed mainly jewish investors dry on the back of that New York Rebbe coming out and saying Joes gonna be a rich guy and find dimonds everywhere, well the profercy is dead right, joe is very rich now thanks to shifting investors money out of several companies into a slush company that never had to pay intrest or a repay date...Joe is also a very fertile individual 11 kids....takes a lot to send them to private schools etc... The main company of many is called Merlin Diamonds....now we know Merlin the magician was a mystical magician at the court of King Arthur of the round table fame and Sir Lancelot, well was he or was he not? its not to clear if Merlin ever existed.....some say he did some say he didnt just like the 3 or 400,000 million missing investors money....pooooof gone in an instant....Anyway the ASX is asking questions and Diamond Joe and and hes friends on the board arnt talking....to be continued... As a footnote on Joe....he was eventualy pushed out of the Demon for what i do not know back to playing staurday games we did go......Joe on leaving asked to have the million or two he put up as collateral returned asking like a hurt kid....i want my toys back....must have got it as no more was said of it and the Dee's went on to play finals before falling down like shit again.. Glen Archer wins appeal....in a sweet heart deal dreamed up by no dout a North supporting judge Glen pleads guilty to punching a runner at his kids footy game but the catch is he is asked to donate $2000 to the Berry Charity put on a 12 month good behavior bond compensate the runner $955 for breaking his glasses and no conviction for the offence....yep he has no conviction for assault......Glen took it all the way to the supreme court of Victoria just so he could avoid a conviction. Glen was convicted for assult back in 1994 and 1999 so hes no stranger to a court...The judge claims he didnt need to be reminded of Glens footy career as he followed the Cats ummm....its a red heering....Fish for you sudds... Embattered Saints reassure there 6 million big ones are safe...they owe it to the AFL...Saints 12 million dollars up poo creek and 16th on the ladder...New president recons they expect a finicial boost for playing Port in China this coming season.....many changes end of last season Brett Ratten and Brenden Lade come as assitant coaches while Graeme Allen comes in an advisory role. I dont know how clubs get to this sort of stage....when the Dee's were rubbish they should have been left to go to the wall Saints too and anyone else...it has to come, it was once here though they the AFL chose badly, private ownership of all clubs its the only way clubs will survive. When your bankrolling a club the owners arnt going to cut each others throats its the way of the NFL for example they set rules and no funny business....
  2. Im unlikely to be in Thailand at that time but you never know.... Ps its way to hot for a scarf dear boy...
  3. Umm i have Kayo sudds....and use True in Thailand way better wifi, when i wanna watch the Dee's i make my way down to the Aussie pub in soi 11 i think order my lunch and check out the waitress legs as they zoom past, must say they do have some pretty decent waitress there couple have legs to die for, they will tune in to the Aleague for you as well. Did the switch to kayo form AFL live or what ever you call it so i get to see the game on the 65inch telly instead of a quarter of my iPad screen.... Not into the cricket fella....by the way the NE Patriots one the big one and guess what? there colours are the same as the Dee's, Victory one the Aleague Flag last season in 2018 so its looking good this year....
  4. Think some are been to hard on the Captain, i was once seduced by Thailand the women and the easier life, i never got to move there full time though i lived there a year while taking a break from life. As time passed with each visit the reality slowly crept in and that is for me living there full time wasn't on, i get bored here but in reality i dont do much when im there and i normally go for 2 or 3 months at a time. I think it comes down to the space your head is in at the time, seems like a good idea, most people are for ever changing, then theres the realisation at least for me that the concept of love from a woman is different there to here, the longer you date the more of an issue it has become for me, now i just prefer to vist from time to time if i should find a reason to spend more time there id still return to AU a few times a year keep my medicare and residency status and use travel insurance while away.
  5. Free internet???? are you crazy? The world is going streaming never before has the market been so big...NBN?? hahahaha....my phone is quicker.....just standard Vodaphone wifi.. it like up loads a pic or short short movie in a split second....when its running on the home network....well i have time to make a cup of coffee... Fasting???? i do the 18/6 have for nearly a year, dont help with weight loss ive noticed but might help if i eat less.....hehe... Dee's rated 2cd best team in the league Richmond number 1 by by excuse the spelling Petcham....something like that, was instrumental in the Premiership team of the hapless Port Adelaide then later Hawks...and we all know he hit a wall at the Saints and left like a speeding bullet... Says the Eagles at 7.....yes you read right, id say as he's a recruiter he's looking at what there added as well as what there got...apparently foreseen the rise of the Pies and is saying the Bombers are on the rise too...you can read it in the Canberra times....its amazing them news apps arant they...pinching info from all over the place....Ps...Bullies to stay bottom 4... The big game was a draw last week as was it last night...my man Honda scoring a penalty to draw level...at Eden park in NZ against the high flying Phoenix. now it seems contracts in soccer are not worth anything, there coach is already casting dout he will not see out his 2 year deal less than a year in... Openly in the media....scratch your head....
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