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  1. Never thought of the tiles. My bathroom has been re-tiled, but there's a corner not finished yet, as they haven't installed the sink... Maybe that's the cause.
  2. I've no problem fixing it if my condo is the cause. My concern was more about, what if they try some sort of shake down. Like when a farang slightly bumps into a car, and all of a sudden there's 50,000 bahts worth of damage. Anyway, probably just overthinking it. Of course I want to solve this so everyones happy, just don't want to be taken for a mug.
  3. Agree, this is the sensible approach. However, the neighbor going on about checking for concrete damage, could be just ignorance or prelude to a shakedown... I mean, concrete damage! Its water, not acid!
  4. If this is the case, then it would have been caused by my builder... now trying to get him to pay, that's another story.
  5. Doubt it. I'm going to bring in another plumber to get the full story, and if it was caused by my builder, I'll pay to fix.
  6. Yes, my builder did mention this, if it's an old leak it will be obvious. I am going to bring another builder plumber, just so I get the full picture.
  7. Cheers, if it has come from my condo I've no problem paying to repair it. My cynical side is just expecting some sort of attempted shakedown.
  8. I'm renovating an old condo. The neighbor below has a leak coming into their condo and is blaming me. I checked, and there is a leak, like a slow tap dripping. The building is old and there's a bunch of leaks in common areas, so feasible its an existing issue. They want me/my builder to open the ceiling to check the concrete for damage... their words, didn't realize concrete could damaged by water. Anyway, builder says it's probably an existing issue, and easy to tell if its an old leaking pipe. That said, it could be something to do with my renovation, I'm not a plumber so no idea. If it was caused by my builder, they probably won't admit it anyway. Not sure how it works here. Is the burden of proof on them? I'm sure they're expecting me to fix it, or possibly even a shakedown. The condo itself is very old, old peeling wallpaper etc.. so can't even see any damage. I checked a corner of peeling wallpaper that was dry. Anyone here been in a situation like this?
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