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  1. Sounds like I'll just go with ceramic tiles and a couple of rugs Thanks for the feedback
  2. I have this exact ones are 65baht in my local pharmacy. I like this one better than the other similar 3M one, which doesn't have the filter. They both filter out PM2.5.
  3. A/C only circulates the air inside, doesn't bring air in from outside, and a decent one should filter the air a bit, but not as good as an air purifier of course.
  4. Jesus, alcohol ban on St Patricks day! I thought they were outdoing themselves with 1st place in worlds worst air!
  5. I don't need to order a meter to tell me how bad it is indoors, it's bad. I ordered this, has a meter on it and a fancy app, https://www.lazada.co.th/-i282085242-s459154535.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1&spm=spm=a2o4m.order_details.item_title.1
  6. Hi, does anyone know a contractor that does polished concrete floors here? I believe it's not that expensive, anyone know the average cost per sqm? Also, anyone with them, any drawbacks? I hear cracking can be an issue? Looking for something like this,
  7. I'm researching different a/c brands, and Daikin and Mitsubushi come up a lot as recommended. Samsung, avoid. Anyone any experience with Electrolux or Carrier? Performance? Ease to maintain? Cheers
  8. Pm sent, would be good to get a contact.
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