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  1. I want to wire money to Hong Kong from Bangkok Bank. There's a details of payment section, cost of goods, income repatriation, consultant, education expense, others... What's the least hassle choice, can I just write gift?
  2. Sounds like I'll just go with ceramic tiles and a couple of rugs Thanks for the feedback
  3. I have this exact ones are 65baht in my local pharmacy. I like this one better than the other similar 3M one, which doesn't have the filter. They both filter out PM2.5.
  4. A/C only circulates the air inside, doesn't bring air in from outside, and a decent one should filter the air a bit, but not as good as an air purifier of course.
  5. Jesus, alcohol ban on St Patricks day! I thought they were outdoing themselves with 1st place in worlds worst air!
  6. I don't need to order a meter to tell me how bad it is indoors, it's bad. I ordered this, has a meter on it and a fancy app, https://www.lazada.co.th/-i282085242-s459154535.html?urlFlag=true&mp=1&spm=spm=a2o4m.order_details.item_title.1
  7. Hi, does anyone know a contractor that does polished concrete floors here? I believe it's not that expensive, anyone know the average cost per sqm? Also, anyone with them, any drawbacks? I hear cracking can be an issue? Looking for something like this,
  8. I'm researching different a/c brands, and Daikin and Mitsubushi come up a lot as recommended. Samsung, avoid. Anyone any experience with Electrolux or Carrier? Performance? Ease to maintain? Cheers
  9. For replacing a floor in an old condo, what would be the best option? I like the look of laminate better to tiles, but it's not termite proof, right? For tiles, something plain like an off white looks decent. What about wood effect tiles, are they a no no? These don't look so bad, I guess tiles for longevety, unless there's a termite proof laminate option?
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