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  1. I have no confusion at all, thanks for playing. Goodbye.
  2. Regardless of what your so called email from toyota (that you have not posted) says, What has been posted that is incorrect ? even your supposed email supports the dealership saying to use full synth !! did I call you a liar (can you qoute were I did) or is your own agenda blinding you?
  3. Iam not struggling, never said I drive a ford. The information about using Synth is not false, the dealer said full synth, my searching also says full synth, you claim semi is ok but provide zero evidence. you are the one struggling, new stuff is beyond you so maybe you should not participate.
  4. Had a Ford. you really do struggle don't you !!
  5. How many revo and fortuner members do we have that don't spend the pittance at the dealership for oil changes.... very very few I would imagine and if they are doing their own they would already know to use either semi of full synth oil. the information in this thread is not incorrect. You are the one that needs to get a grip.
  6. you dont help though, all you do is argue and muddy the waters confusing others. Thanks for avoiding my insurance question, I would have ignored our advice anyways.
  7. Ok so the engine can take full synth or semi synth (according to you) ... the person posted that his dealer said full synth. Nobody has been mislead or incorrect facts put forth, ive looked at a few oil websites and put 2.8 hilux into the parameters and they all come back with full synth as recommended. If someone had said to put in mineral oil well then I could understand why you have an issue.......... but they haven't. So not sure why you have such a hard-on over this.
  8. sucks to be you !! but your sole experience is not representative of others.... TiT !!
  9. Sematics, why you being such an areshole about it ?
  10. Ford Pattaya are the same, I stood and watched them work on my car. Are you in Thailand questioning customer safety.......... bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  11. His dealer said synthetic... how was he wrong ?
  12. Thanks, does it matter if bluebook is not in my name ?
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