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  1. They should re-open borders but only allow entry to those that come from countries (or spent at-least the preceding month in that country) that are confirmed to be free of the virus.
  2. The entry restrictions were extended till June 30th denying entry to 99.99999% of Non Thai people. "Under the Royal Thai Government’s emergency decree, foreigners are banned from entering the Kingdom of Thailand at all points with the exception of diplomats, cargo shipments, pilots, and foreigners with a work permit. This decree is in effect until June 30th, and may be subject to an extension."
  3. oil and gas workers no longer exploit the visa exempt thing /
  4. Work in Thailand is a requirement to qualify for a PR................ I call boo <deleted> on that.
  5. do you think the Thai government (like many others) restricting the entry to only citizens to be a a bad thing ?
  6. many of these "foreigners" that call Thailand home are offshore oil and gas workers and their shifts are structured to allow them to exploit the visa exempt entry that Thailand immigration allows. On paper they are nothing more than short term tourists.
  7. but they st up a dodgy company to allow this...its all good !!
  8. Home many of those hold PR ? I suspect most jump through the yearly immigrant hoops be they retirement or spouse based extensions or there of. unless you hold PR you entry/existence here is only temporary.
  9. If they had Permanent Residency, far play let em return. But those that work abroad for extended periods of time and have their work schedules set to take advantage of the visa exempt entry/tourist visa allowances......... they deserve a pineapple up the coight....they are not tourists yet happily flaunt the rules to suit their agenda.
  10. Refusing entry home to Thai citizens would result in massive repercussions worldwide.. You really think the Government are that stupid (I honestly believe it was discussed though).
  11. Songkran was postponed not cancelled. It is a holiday (not yet announced) were by people will be able to travel home to be with their families. In the grand scheme of "families separated" the postponement of Songkran (not cancelled) pales into insignificance compared to those families that cannot be together due to border closures. Thankyou.
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