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  1. Thank you ALL for information. I registered successfully this morning with the following message. In the process of uploading the passport copy, I noticed that the English remark asks for the certified passport copy, while the google translation from the Thai does not mention "certified". I shall see.
  2. I own a condo in Bangkok and I try to register a new account today on the website. https://extranet.immigration.go.th/fn24online/# My condo is located in Bangkok (as a province), Watthana (as a district), Phra Khanong Nuea (as a sub-district). When I come to the address section, I notice province, district and sub-district are all restricted by the drop down menu with locations already pre-set in the system. I was able to select and put in Bangkok as a province, but I could not locate Watthana as a district, nor could I continue to select sub-district. I did some research to have a full list of districts in Bangkok and then sample checked against the pre-defined districts in the drop down menu. I noticed that not all the districts are available for selection. I appreciate suggestion on how I can proceed. Thanks.
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