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  1. Agreed the drivers license testing is a joke. I am just saying I would rather save the money if I had the option of getting a retirement visa. I have the 5 year easy access so I am not seeing a lot of the benefits you are with the 20 year membership.
  2. I totally agree the problem is the name. You are paying for a long term tourist visa. If that was the impression when sold originally then there wouldn't be this shock when they issue you a 2 year license and not your original 5 year. I think TE can make sense if you are young and don't qualify for a retirement visa but once you are over 50 TE can't really offer you much. Lets say someone signs up for the 20 year visa when they are 40 then they would have 10 years of basically no advantage in some ways less advantage since they would have to renew their license so often.
  3. Richard Smith237 I think you make some fair points about the visa as far as the value over the long run that is personally not my issue. What my issue is is that I would not like to be downgraded in my ability to do things if I get a Thailand Elite Visa. I had a 5 year license but now can only get a 2 year. It is not the end of the world just annoying since you would think a "Elite Visa" would not offer you less than what you currently have. Also they can always use the excuse that it is not Thailand Elite that is doing this but really the department of land transportation. That is fine but they need to work something out with them to change the policy on this because it doesn't make sense. I have received emails from TE that agree with me that says it does not make sense to issue a 2 year drivers license when the visa is for 5 years. So at the end of the day I have a visa I can stay here but the experience could be a lot better.
  4. So since my divorce I had no other easy visa option but to switch to a Thailand Elite visa I am too young can't get a retirement visa yet. 500,000 baht you pay for a 5 year visa. Some of the benefits that they give you is fast access through the airport and the ability to renew the visa from inside Thailand every year without leaving the country. Okay now let me tell you some of the things they need to work on. 1. You have to do a 90 day report just like everyone else there is no fast track system for this unless you happen to live in Bangkok. (Guess what I don't live in Bangkok) 2. I had previously had a 5 year drivers license when I went to get it renewed they would only give me a 2 year license because I don't have a non- immigrant visa. (thought I had a better visa the Thailand Elite "Hi SO" visa. Guess Not!) 3. Every year when you go to your local immigration to get your new 1 year stamp you have to pay 1900 baht. (I just paid you guys 500,000 and that isn't included LAME! So in my humble opinion once you leave the airport you can kiss that Thailand Elite feeling goodby because you are no longer special just a guy that spent a lot of cash. Sincerely, Annoyed Thailand Elite customer!
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