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  1. In samui the private hospitals are sending people that test positive to the one government one on the island. Seemingly this is because they can’t make much money giving their private rooms to a Covid patient as they could with a person requiring medical care for sickness or bike injuries etc.
  2. 2 of 4 I know off were perfectly healthy going about daily life and few days later just died . One 50 yr old woman who just felt sick and was dead two days later and a 60 year old who said he had headache and also died about two days later . I have been in the area almost three months and for a rural place with hardly any people they are dropping like flies .
  3. Possibly as they don’t really check . Wife’s father died and they put it down to cancer he had before . Several others in area up north died in same area and none were checked why they died . They mostly had health issues before so that was assumed as cause and off to temple they went .
  4. I have a vaio that’s about 8 year old but cost about 40,000 new . I hadn’t used it for years and thought would get it cleaned up and new windows on it etc . Guy at shop cleaned it all up but said the ram was too low to install win 10 so I would need buy more . Cost was around 2800bht installed . The old battery was done but a new one on lazada was around 1200bht . So I haven’t done anything to it since as I can get a decent asus for 9-10000 that’s far more up to date with decent specs for my needs so will probably end up just buying new . I use desktop mostly though .
  5. They aren’t urging , they are telling ! They have imposed a fine up to 20000bht if you don’t wear one when leaving home .
  6. Was the gle coupe I meant , although both versions are good cars . I think the coupe is similar to a x4 but far better looking . Also the new x3 is meant to be a great car but haven’t seen one yet close up . Friend had an evoque and got rid of it after 2 months as said it just felt far too small inside .
  7. I would spend a little more and get a merc cls , but if not a merc gle or a Volvo.
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