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  1. Yeah she has dual nationality from what I gather and I’m sure the free ASQ for Thais is at a camp and not in a hotel . I remember seeing a photo last week and it looked like a military base they were in possibly. Why waste more money on citizens when it can be used to get a good stereo for the submarines
  2. Is the COVID insurance with a Thai company or uk ? If I return and have to take out covid insurance with a Thai company as well as insurance I have then it will cost me around 20-40,000bht more as I will be living there all year .
  3. I can think of a island with a few people who might be looking to move to a neighbouring country if this is starting
  4. She went to the basic free state quarantine from what I gather , her husband went to a hotel as he is not Thai .
  5. So when I get back home to Thailand after the costly quarantine finishes , which I’m not doing or paying for so will wait . Then I need to takeout a Covid insurance with a Thai company for every year I continue to stay there with my Thai wife , on top off my European insurance which already has world wide cover and Covid cover ??
  6. Yep I owned a restaurant before in samui and despite having a work permit you basically can’t do a thing really . One of my mates has ran restaurants for 15 years and he is basically meant to just supervise , he shouldn’t even be handing the customers coffee etc even though he didn’t make it !
  7. What ?? No she kept it in her suitcase till she felt like getting it ! Maybe if they actually started testing people for it they might realise they aren’t as great as they think at keeping numbers down !!
  8. Have a word ?? Yeah I forgot Thailand was a super power in the world nowadays !
  9. No point in doing quarantine. Some French woman went through it and left clear of Covid , then contracted it in samui oops !
  10. What do they put in the water these people drink Who is going to pay for it ? Where will all the traffic go as they can’t make the road wider ? Ferries can’t even avoid each other as it is now so you can bet a bridge would be target practice. They just don’t get it do they , tourism is pretty much done in places like samui and Phuket due to Covid and travel restrictions and will be for several years unless they make everything cheap as chips and improve the exchange rate . Although if they start building now it might be finished just in time for when people start to return again !
  11. I looked for them on samui community group yesterday and both the posts appealing for funds had disappeared. There was a photo showing her standing in the police station signing as far as I remember as well as photo of the package. Yes she signed for the package but if asked to sign something written in Thai at a police station I’m pretty sure they would say don’t worry it’s nothing and she would probably sign. She’s a 21 year old woman in a foreign country , not some hardened drug baron so I’m sure she won’t be sitting telling them to do one .
  12. It stated on the original gofundme post that she signed a confession that was written in Thai . If so she will be basically found guilty and it will be in the system already so no way to fix it . If she gets bail then best thing she could do is run but I doubt they will give her bail unless she pays 1-2 million bht being a foreigner. Unless by some miracle they find the guy whose name is on the package and he confesses then she will be doing 4-8 years I would say . After a few years she might be allowed to serve the rest in her home country prison .
  13. Better hope they are all skinny as the clothes in these places are for 6ft tall people who weigh10 stone at most !
  14. Oh wait , is your amazing visa and quarantine scheme not attracting the millions you thought ? Who would have thought that !
  15. He skipped his meds again ? Pioneers ? What planet is he on ? There have been people arriving and going through the hoop jumping expense and quarantine before this new lot who arrived on a budget airline . So why were they not praised as pioneers ? Because they weren’t Chinese perhaps and were dirty farang ! Mind blowing racism and xenophobia at its best !
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