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  1. I have a friend leaving on eva tomorrow and I’m on the one next week. Swiss air are doing the route with one short stop in Zurich for a hour or so but it’s half price of eva flight which is 20000bht for economy. British Airways are due to start same route direct in July . Although they advertised it for last 2 months and cancelled them all.
  2. Yes I used olive oil for the tookey I caught on one.
  3. You can get humane traps from lazada big enough for them. The traps are clear plastic so u can see inside and once it’s in they won’t get out. Then it’s a case of taking it few km away and letting it go. Cost about 150 bht a trap. The glue traps are horrible things and should only be used at last resort. I had to use one as the tookey was hiding in the space between my air con and the ceiling , but this was too small to put the humane trap and the coving at the side of the air hadn’t been sealed so it could run in there to hide . The tookey would come <deleted> on my bed at night before I went to sleep and then run back on top of the air con. Eventually I got a sticky trap sheet from lazada that was a metre long and placed it on the bed . Two days later tookey was stuck on it .So wearing oven gloves I took it outside and slowly pulled it off the glued sheet . Then cleaned the glue of its feet etc as best as I could and sat it on a wall. Half hour later it had left .
  4. So how much was her fine and who was filming her doing it ??
  5. Starts on 8th June as far as I know . Which is why I’m getting on a plane to uk that arrives at 8pm on the 7th June .
  6. Not true . Could have got a private car to Bkk for 12000 bht or one to surrathanni then flight to Bkk . Koh samui hasn’t been locked off as ferries kept running .
  7. Why is he confined ? There have been flights out of country last few weeks , they could have got flight to Bkk from surrathanni also .
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