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  1. Ford Focus are quite cheap for used models.
  2. Wonder if the amount sold before these bans start works out to more than would be sold normally over the time if there was no ban ?
  3. Not the case . I had been married 5 years first time I applied and then married to same woman when I applied 2 years later. Denied !! They said they didn't believe our relationship was genuine ! Despite my wife having my passport when she went to apply , wedding certificate , photos of wedding , us on holidays and letters from people saying they were at our wedding years before . Although if you have a kid it seems to help I would say !
  4. He's hardly likely to say oh yes it was me I done it is he ! He could have driven her out into middle of nowhere at night and kicked her out of the vehicle without adequate clothing etc to survive the cold depending on the time of year . Pretty odd he left to return to here and didn't seem bothered about his missing wife and nobody questioned where she suddenly went !
  5. Had similar problems. Refused for nonsense reasons like no money despite her having over a million bht in her account, can’t afford return flight ticket etc. Have lost interest in applying that much so now will apply in few years for third and last time to go on holiday to uk ! Several people I know with zero money , jobs and few months in a relationship got visas using the same agency in bkk first time of applying ! Although it cost them a bit for using the agency .
  6. If there wasn't something up with Thai honesty then why the need to highlight it every few days with photo ops ?? Never seen this type of thing anywhere else ??
  7. Fortuner or pajero I would say. Parts are easy to get and not expensive as far as I know. I have a 5 year old pajero 4x4 and only thing I have had to do was change the battery and I changed the tyres at 75000km to be safe even though old ones looked fine. Both pretty reliable cars but I don't like the 2 rear seats in the fortuners boot and I find them bulky to drive and bouncy . Avoid captiva like the plague. Had one and sold it before it killed me !! Half the time when overtaking the engine would die to 50km/hr and would find myself beside the car I was trying to pass going the same speed with a oncoming car coming at me !!
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