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  1. Whether they are tourists or not is irrelevant they are guinea pigs let's hope none of them develope or catch Covid whilst in Thailand. So far as when actual tourism occurs surely this will not be possible until at least 2012
  2. Believe students demonstrating as many of them fear they will not have suitable job opportunities after they graduate which is not being helped owing economic recession owing covid. Thailand's economy was already declining before Covid both in respect of exports and tourism as they now have competing bordering counties so must change to make Thailand much more attractive to foreign investors and tourists including economic incentives
  3. The good times are over. Best wait for prices to drop but let's face it buying property in Thailand is not an investment but paying rent up front as well as maintenance expenses. If you want investment best look elsewhere.
  4. There are many factors that must be taken into considerate scientists cannot agree among themselves but there is no doubt that Covid restrictions are affecting people's mental health and well-being there has never been and never will be a NORMAL but if restrictions carry on much longer it is likely to lead to civil unrest and war as it is creating a big divide between the few rich who are relatively unaffected and the remainder who are being or will be forced into poverty.
  5. If she had Thai/Chinese Nationality would media have reported Chinese Women tested positive for Covid after quarantine?
  6. Covid knows no boundaries so best maintain good practise to suppress it
  7. What visa did this lady have to allow her entry into Thailand could not have been an STV as French Citizens excluded.
  8. The premium is reasonable but cover only in respect of Covid after arrival in Thailand. This means international travel insurance is still required and the double insurance cover would probably be applied for duplicate insurance and all complications that would arise when making a claim under each insurance. It does however indicate which nationalities are permitted to apply for the STV which very few although China included in permitted countries.
  9. It would appear that these figures include peak season as borders were not closed until end of March. Peak and High seasons starting end of December until beginning if March probably already lost so next year's figures are going to be dramatically worse. What ever conditions of entry including quarantine it should be understood potential tourists have a fear of travelling There has to be incentives by Government spending subsidised airfares would be a start and crackdown on over priced hotels etc
  10. The pandemic is erupting in many countries now is not the time to open without quarantine. Cruise Ships are proven to be Covid hot spots
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