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  1. Let's see how many tourists come to Phuket. My personal opinion is very few as the costs involved are tremendous the airfares alone have tripuled with the airlines that I checked then the hotels I suspect their prices will have also increased then the App data in Thailand using foreign SIMS is far more than for Thai's but most phones are locked to foreign networks. then the monsoon really not the best time to visit Thailand. Obviously any one wanting to enter Thailand for personal family matters or business Phuket model is far more attractive than quarantine in Bangkok but the
  2. He is probably right except Phuket Sandbox is 14 days quarantine provided Thai's living or allowed to enter the Island have been vaccinated Covid is going to be with us for the foreseeable future and will mutate. Similar schemes are also being considered by Bali and other destinations. The Phuket Sandbox is unlukely to attract many genuine foreign tourists it is just a very expensive alternative to quarantine in Bangkok but without being strictly confined to a hotel room. The so called tracking app is only viable to those who have Thai SIM Cards otherwise the roaming charges for most if
  3. This is just an alternative quarantine but very very expensive starting with the air fares which are extortionate but if you have the money better than being confined to hotel room in Bangkok.
  4. Was it really a plan or just rhetoric. Best get on with mass vaccination plan and then consider reopening for 2023 earliest
  5. The truth is there is a world shortage of vaccines. Owing low infection rates last year it was not realised the importance of the vaccines being the only way out of the Pandemic and reluctance to pay huge cost but the Government is now ordering as many vaccines that become available but has to join the waiting list.
  6. International tourism will return to Thailand when restrictions lifted but on a much smaller scale. It would help if visa requirements simplified and the visa exemption extended to 60 days together with promotions when it is decided to welcome back visitors.
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