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  1. Might be well worth mentioning that any "critical load" can in no way be connected to the grid. Reason behind all of this isolation is if the supply authority decide to drop the grid for repairs etc. the last thing they want is for uncontrolled solar systems backfeeding the gid in any way shape or form.
  2. Ok...thanks. Aussie passport might be the best option. Previously before becoming Aussie citizen she would have needed a resident return visa.
  3. Visit back in Thailand every year just for 30 days normally however, virus has put a lid on that for a while. Still have a query for when things get back to some form of normality. Back in 2012 I had a dual entry Non-immigration-O visa issued and it was 90 days initially with a border run to pick up the last 90 days. If I would have checked closer I could have had the normal 30 day entry on arrival and then used the 2 x 90 day later to get some more time there but..........anyhow This allowed me to get a work permit if I needed one and to open a bank account.
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