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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Yes that confirmed what we understood and knew. For myself, i used to run some business in Thailand (Hotel, bar...) using a Thai Limited company on which I was a shareholder and director. My wife is running some small business (selling items such as bags, clothes...) and she has been doing it in her name only. As this new business will be run by herself only (I am not on it at all) and it is bigger that what she has run so far, there was the question if it should be registered or not. We of course checked ourselves and got the same answer that you provided. Basically, the advise we got was to start the business and once it is open, they will come to you to get registered. That's fine but as you said, the only issue is for the staff payment, ss...and also it is difficult to find Thai staff but easy to get Myanmar staff. But to hire Myanmar staff, you need a registered company. As for your last point: My wife is very much interested about Coffee. She learned about it. Did a lot of training. Worked for learn in Coffee shop. She is Barista qualified now. I found a place that can be use as Coffee shop. So then I encourage her to open her coffee shop. The investment is not too high (except a professional Coffee machine). I am helping for the investment but we are not expecting high profit. We have other incomes so we don't need this to make a living. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
  2. My wife has decided to open a small business. A Coffee Shop & Bar (Food & drink). I am financing but I won't be part at all of the business. She will run it, manage it and manage the expenses and profits. So 100% Thai. I don't in this kind business, 100% Thai if a company is needed or whatever else or simply under her name? Again, I won't be partner or shareholder or manager. She will have few staffs (barista, waitress, cook...) maybe 5 or 6.The place (local) is rented under her name with a 3 years contract. So my question is: does she need to setup a company for that or she only do it under her name? Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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