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  1. Good advice. Thanks. Yes sure, that's probably what i will do but forums on the net are also a good sources to get opinions and advises. I actually got better advises on other forum. Thanks for your participation anyway.
  2. Don't think so. I am user of Thaivisa. Live in Thailand for 20+ years. Relocate at the moment in Vietnam for work so I believe this section has a purpose. I was relocated in Myanmar before for work also and was using the Myanmar section of Thaivisa and it was useful
  3. Actually I did and the friend I mentioned is the CEO of the company. I am just checking out if someone has more experience on that. I posted on this forum in Vietnam section as I believe this is the purpose of this section.
  4. Well, not worse than Thailand or Myanmar where I have been driving long time. I am driving here already using my Thai driving license but as I am going to stay here for a while, i will get a local license
  5. This is the Vietnam section of Thaivisa. Check again...
  6. Since I have been relocated in Vietnam for my job, arrived here beginning of October, i already got my work permit, trc. Now, I would like to get a local driving license. I have read that it is quite easy. You need your passport, visa valid for at least 3 months, and your original country driving license. I came with a 3 months business visa, got a 2 years work permit and 2 years trc. One my friend told me he used an agent. He paid 2 millions VND. Gave his passport and original country driving license. He went to the driving license office only 1 time a
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