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  1. Every protester through out history have faced these and bigger risks. No one goes to a protest expecting to die. They know things could get out of control but no one goes into it knowingly expecting to die. When people do die it is normally the beginning of an even stronger movement for justice with those deaths as the rallying call (Bloody Sunday, Amritsar are just a couple of examples). It is no different than driving here. 200 people is just 3 days death toll. No one expects to die when they drive their vehicle but yet many do. It doesn’t stop them driving. What is the difference? I have protested before and things got very ugly...wrong place at the wrong time is part and parcel of it...no one expects to be in the wrong place at the wrong time but it can happen. Look what is happening elsewhere in Asia and around the world....the risks are the same there (if not greater) then they are here. Also that is the first I have ever heard of 200 civilians being shot down...what is the source of that please? If that had been the case then surely it would be there alongside Thammasat University in the annals of history (far less than 200).
  2. I know....the complete and total capitulation of the populace could not be any more pathetic...pure apathy, sloth and laziness. It has very hard to respect anyone who has such complete and utter apathy towards the future of their children and the country they live in....one of the many reasons my time here is limited until I can get relocated out of here. Sadly the events of the last 10 years (and particularly the last 6 to 8 months) have made it very hard for me to respect the people I live amongst and my disdain is becoming increasingly obvious to those I interact with here. Not so much as a squeak from the people. I look forward to the “would you risk it” crowd piping up particularly in light of current events elsewhere in Asia (for far far lesser infringements and from people with much much more to lose).
  3. But anyway...all of this talk is for absolutely nothing...it really is game over...completely and without any hope whatsoever of anything changing now....they have this place in a complete choke hold now and it is impossible for the country to get out of that grip now....the only change possible is a coup but that will bring something much worse than when have now. They HAVE won. Totally. There is no denying it unfortunately.
  4. So true about the populace not having the mettle for it. IF (and it’s a big and highly improbable if) anything happens from the people’s side then it will be sparked by something completely out of left field and completely unexpected ...all of the other normal channels are now effectively closed (permanently I would say). One thing I have never understood is why the southern insurgence stays isolated to the south? I have always wondered why they never hit the capital? I think there must be some kind of gentlemen’s agreement happening between both sides.
  5. There is a shocking video of an attack on red shirts from 2010 that can be found on Facebook. The rage and hatred and willing ness to attack and kill unarmed protesters is shocking. Given the context of this thread you can guess who is the person attacking. Said person is even being held back by his own soldiers who can see how wrong the situation is. It is the pure rage and hatred of an utter physcopath...if the protesters were armed it would be valiant....considering they are unarmed and very harmless looking it is truly shocking.....very dangerous individual indeed.
  6. The SRT board were obviously ordered to resign to make way for a more compliant board. 30% cream off of a $7 billion project is no small amount of change which is why this project MUST happen Everyone WILL be brought to heel and do as they are instructed.
  7. A bit over 60k per month for both kids (32 for one and 28 for the other or something along those lines as price is different with age).
  8. Good question....it’s not top level like Harrow or St Andrews but not a low level one either....more like a Bangkok Prep Level. Having said that though we plan to move back to Oz before 2022.
  9. So you are happy to work for the man forever? Retirement simply means having enough money that you do not need to work again regardless of what age that happens at.
  10. Thanks! My spreadsheet format used to look pretty much the same as yours....but i changed it recently to be in a P&L format which I find easier to make adjustments to.
  11. Nice work. May I ask how much in THB you plan to spend each month (including everything...so any annual payments would be shown as divided by 12 and then part of your total monthly costs). FWIW I am way off retirement. I have 2 kids here in International school and full insurance for the family plus decent full life insurance for myself (death, critical, income protection and tpd) and monthly spending is 200k. And we do not have a flash car and our rent is actually really cheap. Single and retired I think 100k would be the minimum (I would want to be traveling enough so as to never do a 90 day report).
  12. You were doing well up to there and then that is where you completely lost me....
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