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  1. I was reading an article yesterday talking about the army factions and what regions they are strong with and their relationships with each other. Utterly bizarre the way talk about past coups as if they were great military victories that go down in the folklore of Thai military greatness. Every country and army forms legends around certain battles and these become the anchor points of an armies history (battle of the Somme, Dien Bien Phu, Goose Green, Gallipoli etc). These battles give men a goal to aim towards..a kind of barometer of bravery and sacrifice. From what I can see these legendary battles or military events in Thailand are all centered around coups, suppression of crowds and killing their own people. You can just imagine the conversations in the officer s messes or militarily schools here recanting grand tales of Tripp’s going into battle against their own defenseless citizens and the glorious victory again at their own people who had no arms. Just pathetic.
  2. I think you are all mistaken...this goes back to deeply held Buddhist beliefs of karma and reincarnation and mythological folklore of lunar alignment and baravdhas human embodiment of the monkey god Jutarama. This Thainess is the reason I love this country and its culture so much...that selfless devotion to harmony and understanding and doing unto others as they would have done u to them. The careless driving resulting in 60 or 70 deaths a day, rampant corruption, utter disregard for others lives, stray dogs, totally apathy to everything combined with ignorance of everything outside of Facebook and what is for the next meal. Thainess and Thailand, the land of smiles and the perfect people and culture. If you don’t like it then go home and good riddance...Amazing Thailand does not need you. I am off to the temple now dressed in my 18th century Thai outfit to ask the monks if I should change my name and how much will it cost for the sage advice.
  3. CP probably wanting something in return for helping broker Friday’s deal...they are the ones in control after all
  4. It could just be on hold... Real question: with Cobra Gold happening would that of made a coup next to impossible for a variety of reasons (intl politics, troop availability etc).
  5. I believed the first reports that this was fake news.....after having read this from Prayut I am now convinced that it probably was NOT fake news.
  6. There are only 2 outcomes now: 1. It’s game, set and match and there is nothing more to see here. Military rule for the next 20 plus years. 2. Coup i would say it is 90% for option 1.
  7. Myself, wife and 2 kids took the BTS from Asok to Ekamai....no cheap fare for the kids, they have to pay full fare. The cost was 160 baht (40 baht each). That is far more expensive than public transport in Melbourne, Australia. If we wanted to use the swimming pool (and a pretty crap one at that) at a nearby golf course then it is 150 baht each (again no concession for kids). Again that is way more expensive then the world class aquatic center in Melbourne.
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